What do mineral oils and waxes do in hair products?

Mineral oils we avoid within the CG Method. Mineral oils are substances that you can often find in skin and hair care products. But did you know that they are also used in products to lubricate the engines of, for example, cars? but also as glue and lubricant for the production of plastic?

What are mineral oils in? 

They are mainly found in face creams, lip balm, but also in hair products. They protect you from dehydration. It lays a layer around your hair or skin, making it less sensitive to dehydration. But this layer locks your hair completely, in other words your hair cannot absorb anything. Within the CG Method we avoid this substance because your hair cannot absorb nutrition and moisture because of this ingredient. 

How do you recognize mineral oils?

Mineral oils are odorless and the substance is transparent. The oil is often made from petroleum, there are more than 1000 different types. They can be divided into two groups: MOSH (mineral oils of saturated hydrocarbons) and MOAH (mineral oils of aromatic hydrocarbons). Liquid paraffin, liquid petrolatum, parafin oil, paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum liquid, petroleum oil, white mineral oil and white oil are all examples of mineral oils

Legislation on mineral oils 

The European Cosmetics Regulation states that mineral oils must be purified before use in personal care products. In recent years, the use of mineral oils has come under fire, which is why there is a European requirement to purify mineral oils for use in cosmetics. Studies have shown that crude mineral oils can be carcinogenic. In addition, they are also bad for the environment because they are poorly biodegradable. Fortunately, we avoid this ingredient within the CG Method. 

 Minerale olie in product