Is blow dry curls with a diffuser has many advantages. Your hair dries faster and you get more curl definition. In their blog we tell you how you can do this best and what the best hair dryers for curls to be. 

Why use a diffuser for your curls? 

A diffuser is often seen as a hair dryer. But, actually, the diffuser is an attachment that you can click on a hair dryer. You often receive most hair dryers with different attachments, including the diffuser. You can recognize the diffuser by its round shape and the protruding pins. 

You apply the diffuser to your hair while blow-drying. Your hair will not be blown apart, the pins will keep your curls in place and your definition will therefore be preserved. 

Thanks to the handy pins of a diffuser, you can also lift your hair up a bit for a little more volume. Try this by placing the hair dryer on your scalp and lifting the hair dryer up. 

What are the benefits of blow drying with a diffuser?

Here are the benefits of blow drying your curls with a diffuser: 

  1. Faster drying time
  2. Your curl definition is preserved 
  3. You can create more volume 
  4. You experience less fluff

Does your hair feel harder after drying? No problem! Because this hard layer is also called a cast. You can squeeze this hard layer out with a little hair oil

Is it safe to use a diffuser?

A diffuser is often large and round makes it extra suitable for curly hair. The large head distributes the warm air over your hair, unlike a normal attachment that often blows the heat out through 1 outlet. Thanks to the even distribution, you can safely blow dry your curls on a warm setting. 

Can you blow dry short curly hair?

You can also blow-dry short curly hair! It doesn't matter how long or short your hair is, everyone benefits from blow drying with a diffuser. The advantage of shorter hair is that you often need a hairdryer with a somewhat lower number of wattage. In other words, wattage says how quickly your hair dries. Do you have a hair dryer with a high wattage? Then your hair will be dry sooner than when the wattage is lower. 

Tip: with short curly hair you can safely use a hairdryer that has a wattage of around 700. 

Best blow dryers for curls

The best hair dryers for curls have a large diffuser with protruding pins. In addition, you can also pay attention to the different positions of a hair dryer. But the latter often comes with a price. Would you like a hair dryer with a cold setting and different heat settings? Then you often go to a slightly higher price range. 

In addition, you can also look at the technique and motor of the hair dryer. Most hair dryers today contain ceramic technology. A hairdryer with this technology is even better able to dry your hair more evenly and often disperses negative ions, making your hair more shiny and frizz-free. 

There are many blow dryers available for curly hair. We have deliberately kept our range small because there are some blow dryers that we think are the very best for curly hair.

The best blow dryers for curly hair are: 

CHI 1875 Series Compact Hair Dryer

CHI 1875 Compact Hair Dryer 

This hair dryer has a high wattage, a large diffuser head and different heat settings. This hair dryer is especially suitable for long and thicker hair, but can also be used for anyone who has finer or shorter hair and finds the ceramic technology of a hair dryer important. At the time of writing, this hair dryer is 159 euros. 

Bellissima My Pro Diffon Föhn Ceramic

The second best hairdryer is the Bellisma My Pro Diffon Ceramic

This is a high-quality hair dryer that is often labeled as an entry-level model. This is partly due to the price (74.95 euros). This hair dryer has half the wattage than the hair dryer before. This means that the hairdryer is especially suitable for anyone with short to medium long hair. Do you have long and thick hair? Then the drying time with this hairdryer can be longer than a hairdryer with a higher wattage. Finally, this hair dryer also has ceramic technology and it is super easy to take with you on a trip! 

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