Creme of Nature

The products of Creme of Nature are provided with natural ingredients that not only smell nice, but also have a unique effect on both the hair and the scalp. This way you achieve the best results in the healthiest, most nourishing way possible. An important ingredient is the best quality argan oil from Morocco. Other unique ingredients that make Creme of Nature products very powerful include coconut milk, shea butter and keratin. Creme of Nature Creme of Nature, the name encompasses everything this hair care brand stands for. Products of the best quality, made as naturally as possible. Products for both your natural curls and your scalp. The unique ingredient Argan oil is of the best quality from Morocco. Unique and precious because it only occurs in Morocco. It has a strong revitalizing and protective effect. Creme of Nature products at CurlyTools In our range we have a product from Creme of Nature and that is also with the best product from the entire range. Namely, Argan Snot Styling Gel. You've probably heard about this before. This is one of the best-known products within the CG Method world. Snot Styling gel gives your hair a unique hold. It provides a good cast, so that your curls stay in perfect shape.

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