Kiki Curls

From Kiki Curls cg products have been developed especially for everyone with curly hair! And they are all CG, which means that you can safely use the products within the CG method. The line contains a total of 3 CG products that connect to each other: a Cleanser (CG Shampoo), Recovery mask (hair mask for curls) and the Wonder Finish, a CG Gel. The CG products give you everything for the perfect curls, in just 3 steps. Kiki Curls is a Dutch brand that focuses on the care for curly hair. Entirely according to the CG method. The Kiki Curls range has everything for the ultimate care of your curls. In 3 simple steps you choose optimal hair care for curly hair with Kiki Curls. Thanks to the handy vacuum packaging, you always have the right dosage and you can even use your products for longer. All Kiki Curls products are vegan. KIKI Curls The cg products from Kiki Curls, specially developed for curls, ensure that your curls and wavy hair will look beautiful, become hydrated and shine. All curling products from this brand are sulfate-free, which are too aggressive for curly hair. The three cg products from Kiki Curls also do not contain silicone, so there is no build-up. Kiki Curls CG Products The Kiki Curls range consists of three different curling products. The three different steps of Kiki Curls goes like this: the Kiki Curls Cleanser is a lightly foaming cg shampoo. Also called Cleanditioner, that's because it barely foams and moisturizes your curls. Next comes the Kiki Curls Recovery Mask, this is the ultimate hair mask for curls and does its job perfectly as a hair restorer. You can use it daily and it makes your hair strong again and prevents frizz. The last step in the Kiki Curls curly girl routine is the Wonder Finish CG Gel. It gives your curls shine, protects your hair from heat and keeps your curls in control. It can be that easy, your curl routine in 3 simple steps!

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