The best products for damaged curly hair

Revitalizing Damaged Curls - Discover the Best Products to Restore Your Hair! Have you dyed your hair, brushed it excessively, or damaged it in another way? In this blog, we share the secrets to repairing and making your curls shine!

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Product Tips and Advice

It's a frequently asked question that regularly appears in our inbox and on our curly hair page on Facebook: which products are suitable for damaged hair? To provide you with the best tips for restoring your hair, we have decided to write this helpful blog!

Tip 1: Curlsmith Bond Salve

Our most popular product for anyone with damaged hair is undoubtedly the Curlsmith Bond Salve. This fantastic formula is designed to repair and strengthen the bridges in your hair.
Your hair bridges can be damaged by various factors, such as coloring your hair, frequent dry brushing, chemical treatments, or regular use of heat tools like a straightener (but don't worry, a diffuser can still be used safely!).
The Curlsmith Bond Salve is a pre-shampoo treatment, meaning you use it before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. It is an essential step in your hair care routine for optimal recovery and protection.
Last but not least, this treatment is entirely CG Proof, vegan, and suitable for all types of curls and textures. It is part of the Strength Recipes line, where all products contain protein that can help repair damaged hair.
If you are looking for extra protection for your hair or if your hair is extremely damaged, then the additional products from the Curlsmith Recipe line are perfect for you. Below, you will find an overview of all the products you can discover.
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Tip 2: Olaplex Hair Perfector

Olaplex is a highly renowned brand, even beyond the curly hair community. They were one of the pioneers introducing products to the market aimed at restoring the bridges in the hair. With their patented formula, they offer unique products.
The difference from the Curlsmith Bond Salve is that Olaplex achieves the best results with a 2-step system, whereas Curlsmith uses a single product. With Olaplex, you can treat your hair with two products: number 3 and number 0. Both are necessary to achieve optimal results.
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Tip 3: Ecoslay Matcha Boost

If you want to restore your hair and prefer environmentally friendly and natural products, then Ecoslay's Matcha Boost is definitely worth trying. This treatment contains protein, allowing it to restore the surface of your damaged hair. What makes this product unique is that it exclusively contains active ingredients, all contributing to the formula. It's a clean product that is beneficial for both you and the environment. This is also evident in the packaging, as you receive an eco-conscious pouch.
The biggest difference between Bond Salve and Olaplex is that Matcha Boost primarily works on the surface and does not target the hair bridges. This product is, therefore, suitable for repairing damaged hair at a less profound level or for anyone who prefers natural products.

Additional Useful Advice

Besides using the right hair products, there are more things you can do. Here's a list of the best tips!
  1. Visit a Hairdresser: If your hair is extremely damaged from repeated bleaching, it might be wise to give your hair a break from bleaching and get it cut. This way, you give your hair the chance to recover. If you have partially damaged hair, you can also ask your hairdresser to cut the damaged part, allowing it to grow out while continuing to care for the damaged hair. This helps gradually restore and improve your hair.
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  2. Fully Adopt the CG Method: Do you have curly hair and landed on this page via Google? Then we recommend looking into the CG Method. This method is specially developed for the care of curly hair. With the CG Method, you exclusively use products free from aggressive ingredients like sulfates and drying alcohols. It's a fantastic way to care for and let your curls shine.
  3. Brush Your Hair Only When You Have a Leave-In, Mask, or Conditioner: Our hair is exceptionally vulnerable. If you notice you have to pull on your hair while brushing, it means you're damaging your hair. A handy tip is to brush your hair during washing, for example, when applying a conditioner or hair mask. This way, you protect your hair. Also, try to limit hair brushing as much as possible.
  4. Protect Your Hair While Sleeping: For good hair care, it's advisable to tie up or secure your hair while sleeping. If you're used to sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, it's helpful to switch to a satin version. The use of a satin pillowcase reduces friction, providing extra protection for your hair. This simple change can help keep your hair healthier while you sleep.
  5. Avoid DIY Products: We occasionally come across it: a gelatin mask or other homemade products to restore damaged hair. We advise against doing this, as it has been scientifically proven to have no effect on your hair. Additionally, it's important to know that the pH value of a product greatly influences the hair. With a homemade product, you don't know what the pH is, and with a too high or extremely low pH, you could damage your hair.
  6. Give It Time: It's understandable that your hair can't be restored all at once if it's damaged. While the products mentioned above will certainly help you, it's also important to give yourself and your hair time to recover. The recovery of damaged hair is a process that takes time. Keep at it, because eventually, it will certainly get better!