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Curlsmith Strength Recipes Bouncy Strength Volume Foam


Curlsmith Bouncy Strength Volume Foam is a protein-enriched cg mousse that gives your hair a real volume boost! You can use this product as one styler for bouncy curls! Are you looking for more hold? Then you can also combine this product very well with a curly girl gel. 

Do you have porous hair or saggy hair? or do you want to make your hair stronger and healthier? Then it is important to add protein to your routine. It is the key to healthier and stronger hair. 

Mousse or foam? Officially, this product can be regarded as foam. This means that the substance is slightly more water-like than a traditional mousse. In terms of effect, you achieve the same results and it makes the mousse extra suitable for all types of curl textures. 

  • Fit for all types of curls and textures 
  • make your hair stronger and healthier
  • Protein
  • 222ML
About the smell

Fresh sweet, fruity scent. 

De Curlsmith Strength Recipes Bouncy Strength Volume Foam combineren

Combine the Curlsmith mousse with the Curlsmith Shape Up Aqua Gel  in Protein Cream van Curlsmith for extra care and extra hold for your curls. 

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