What is a pre-poo† A 'pre-poo' is also an abbreviation for pre-shampoo. You use a pre-poo before you start washing. With a pre-poo you make your hair easier to comb, give your hair extra moisture and ensure that your conditioner is optimally absorbed. A pre-poo is easy to apply: massage the oil into a dry scalp. Let it soak in for at least 15 minutes. Then apply a shampoo and then rinse it out completely. And then use a mask or conditioner afterwards. A CG Pre-Poo Why should you use a pre-poo? A pre-poo has several benefits to use in your curly hair routine. Waves and curls naturally need extra moisture unlike those with straight hair. In addition, many external influences can damage our hair and make it extra dry. For example, think of the sun, wind and salt water. With a pre-poo treatment you can bring the moisture balance back completely! Did you know that a pre-poo also has benefits when you suffer from knots and tangles in your hair? It will also make your hair softer and more shiny. Which pre-poo is right for me? Jojoba, avocado and almond oil are, among other things, very suitable for a pre-poo. The ingredients for a pre-poo are often mixed. Within this collection you will find oils that are suitable for a pre-poo. You can use them with any hair type and texture.