ECO CG his hair products are free of harmful substances for you and the environment. You will therefore look even more critically at the ingredients than within the normal CG Method. Because have you ever looked at the ingredients list of your product? Then you often see ingredients that mean nothing to you at all. And can you assume that if a product indicates that it is natural, that it really is? No! We tell you what ECO CG is, how to apply it and which brands are ECO CG. 


What is EcoCG?

Eco literally stands for environmentally friendly. Within the cosmetics world, this means that your hair care is free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors and fragrances, chemicals, silicones and PEGs. Normal CG products can contain these ingredients. Within the CG Method, only products that are free of silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, wax and drying alcohol are considered. So you go one step further with ECO CG. 

Why is Eco CG a good option?

If your hair products are free of the ingredients we mentioned, the chemical burden on your body is a lot lower. Sometimes certain bad ingredients can have consequences for your skin, such as causing itchiness, flaking or other damage. 

The products are often produced in a sustainable way and free from animal ingredients. In addition, the formulas are often also more effective: they really add something to the formula, otherwise they are not in it. 

Wash with an Eco CG Shampoo

An SCS is often used in an ECO Shampoo. This is a natural sulfate that is extracted from coconut. Although you can also come across this cleaner with the CG Shampoos, it is often used within the ECO CG shampoo. It ensures that your scalp is properly cleaned, without completely penetrating the hair and your scalp (which a normal sulfates such as SLS, SLES, for example, can do, and then cause damage to your skin). 

What are the disadvantages of ECO CG?

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to ECO CG. Because some products do not always contain all substances that are suitable for a certain skin and/or hair type. And often more research needs to be done on substitute (natural) substances to ensure that the right results are achieved with the product.

In addition, ECO CG products may contain essential oil. This sounds good and natural, but also certain types of essential oils can be irritating to your scalp. 

And finally, the product prices may be a bit higher than you are used to. You can often start from a minimum of 20 euros per product. 

How do you recognize an ECO CG Product?

  • Always look at the claims a brand makes and read about their story. 
  • Look at certificates (not labels!) of the product, for example is there an ECO Certification on the product? or do you see a B Corp status somewhere?
  • How are the products made? Has the impact on the environment been taken into account?
  • What are the products made of? from recycled plastic or bio plastic? Can they be recycled?
  • If in doubt, you can always check the ingredients on websites such as: incidecoder and via the beatthemicrobead. 

Make your own ECO CG products

Some curlies get started with, for example, an apple cider vinegar rinse, rice water or a homemade deep conditioner. However, an apple cider vinegar rinse is a very strong way to wash your hair. It is very important to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water. In addition, it is often not recommended to use with women who have dry hair. Be very careful when using these types of products to avoid damaging your scalp and hair. 

Which brands are ECO CG?

A number of brands within our webshop are ECO EC. 

Questions about Eco CG

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