Root clipping is a styling method that is ideal for 1) creating more volume at the roots of your hair and 2) ideal for directing your hair in a certain direction.

Who is root clipping suitable for?

Root clipping is a technique that is suitable for all kinds of curls and especially for anyone looking for more volume and those who want to send the hair in a certain direction.

What do you need for root clipping?

All you need is a set with handy clips (preferably made of plastic to prevent damage to your hair!) a diffuser hair dryer!

How does root clipping work for curly hair?

You start with root clipping when you're already drying your hair (so you've covered all the steps of washing and styling your hair).

  1. Start with root clipping: you start when your hair is about 80% dry while blow-drying your hair

  2. Turn off your hair dryer and grab yourself clips there.

  3. Gently grab the hair at your roots and lift it up. Grab a clip and secure it in your hair. So make sure your hair stays up through the clip.

  4. Repeat step 3 until you've lifted your entire hair at your roots.

  5. Grab a hairspray or mousse now. Apply it to the lifted hair.

  6. Now continue blow drying until your hair is 100% dry. You now continue blow-drying at your roots and the other parts of your hair that still have to dry.

  7. Done!

Foto van iemand die root clipping toepast op krullend haar

What do I need during root clipping?

First of all, it is useful to have large clips that are sturdy to keep your hair in place.

1. Clamp Sibel curl line

Foto van sibel curl line klemmen voor root clipping

Check out this handy clamps.

Then you use a mousse of hairspray at the start. We prefer a hairspray because it is slightly firmer than a mousse.

2. Root spray van Giovanni

Giovanni root spray

look at the root spray van Giovanni. 

3. Giovanni Mousse

Giovanni Air Mousse

look at the van Giovanni air mousse

4. Diffuser 

Don't have a good diffuser at home yet? Then take a look at the next blog!

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