Holy Curls Review: Natuurlijke en duurzame producten

Holy Curls Review: Natural products

In this blog we review the Holy Curls brand. You can recognize the Holy Curls brand by its pharmacy-like bottles with beautiful pastel-colored labels. Very attractive, but how good are the products and do they suit you?

Holy Curls Products

The Holy Curls line consists of a total of five products : a shampoo, conditioner, cream, gel and a mask.

1. Holy Curls Shampoo

The shampoo can be categorized as a mild shampoo . The shampoo foams a little bit and really gives a clean feeling. Your hair may feel a little stiff after washing. Rest assured, this is normal. Your hair cuticles are open. After this, you use the conditioner, which closes your hair cuticles again.

You really only need a little bit of the shampoo, which is very long lasting.

2. Holy Curls Conditioner

Most conditioners are rinsed out after 3 minutes. You leave the Holy Curls conditioner on a little longer, namely 15 minutes. This gives your hair time to get the most out of the conditioner. Don't have time? Then 3-5 minutes is sufficient for it to be absorbed. Your hair feels hydrated and soft. Knots and tangles disappear easily.

3. Holy Curls Cream

With the cream it is important to use a small amount. For fine hair, do not also combine it with a leave-in. Only a cream is sufficient. Use a pea size amount.

4. Holy Curls Gel

The Holy Curls gel is light and fairly thin in substance. The gel gives your curls a medium hold . Are you looking for more hold? Then you can combine this gel very well with another gel that you have at home or by choosing an extra gel with a stronger hold. Are you looking for a light, bouncy effect? Then this gel alone is sufficient.

5. Holy Curls Mask

The Holy Curls mask is the only one that does not contain any protein . The mask is packed with extracts and oils that leave your hair nourished. A drawback? The mask is in a glass jar. This is very durable, but also means that you have to be really careful with it (due to the risk of falling).

Review video from Babs about Holy Curls:

Update: These are new products from Holy Curls

In recent times, Holy Curls has also launched 2 new products in addition to the above products. A hair oil and a new cream.

Conclusion about Holy Curls

Holy Curls products are very popular due to their natural ingredients. In addition, they are able to really nourish your hair optimally and they are 100% vegan. Furthermore, all Holy Curls products contain protein, but keep in mind that they are very low in protein. So, don't you need protein? Then you can safely use them.

Many curlies use a second or third gel in addition to the gel because otherwise it really does not provide enough hold.

In short: are you looking for natural products without 'junk'? Then the Holy Curls line is really a solution. Especially if you have sensitive skin, Holy Curls products are often chosen.

Finally, they are extremely durable. Did you know that the products last more than six months? Some curlies last almost a year (!!) because they are super concentrated. The higher product price is therefore well justified.

View all Holy Curls products here. And did you know that minis are also available?

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