At the Curly Girl Methode you can use many different methods to style your hair. The Mousse-Gel-Mousse technology is one of them. But, how exactly does this work and who does it work for?

What is the mousse-gel-mousse technique?

The technology actually works exactly as described. While styling, first apply a mousse to your hair, then a gel and finally a mousse. It is most useful to apply this technique on a wash day (so, that you follow your entire washing routine from washing to styling).

How can you apply this within your curly girl routine?
  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo
  2. Then apply a conditioner or mask. Then rinse it out completely
  3. Squeeze the excess water from your hair with a towel and apply a small amount of leave-in or cream. 
  4. Now apply the mousse to your hair. Don't be too stingy with the mousse, it's okay to apply a big 'toe'. Smooth the mousse over your hair and then squeeze it further into your hair. 
  5. Now take the gel, smooth it over all parts of your hair and squeeze it back in. 
  6. You can use your Denman Brush at this step to distribute the products even better over your hair
  7. Now apply the mousse again. And squeeze it into your hair. 
  8. Scrunch your hair by bringing your hair forward. Make sure you also tilt your head to the left and right so that you scrunch the products well into your hair. 
  9. Then grab a towel and squeeze it dry. 
  10. Get started with diffuser now! Is it completely dry? Then you're done! 
  11. Has your hair gotten a little harder? Then you can use a little oil to squeeze it out. 
Explanation video 
@curlytools Would you like to have more hold/defenition by using a mousse? Add a gel! #curlyhairmousse #curlyhairtutorial #curlyhairtrick ♬ CAKE - ROSALÍA


Who does this technique work for? 

The mousse gel mousse technique can be used by everyone, from type 2 hair to curl types that have a stronger curl pattern. Wavy's in particular benefit from this technique as mousse is often a relatively lighter product than the gel. Styling your hair with a mousse alone is often too light, so with a little extra gel you can give your hair more hold and definition. 

Which products do you use with this technique?

You use 2 products with this technique, a gel and a mousse

Babs used in her video:

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