Hi fellow curlies! 

I'm Nienke, 33 years old and a curly-haired person all my life. In my puberty I used a lot of mousse (without SOTC!), later wax and later I didn't know what to do with my hair anymore. Because I still wanted to keep curls, I switched to a Babyliss curling iron - one that rolls up your hair and then heats it up. Beautiful curls, not so good for my hair. Then a layer of hairspray over it and the day after just (over the hairspray!) my hair again in the curling iron. You understand… after two years my hair was hopeless. At the bottom there was a pile of dry, dead, ropey hair that I couldn't use anymore. Then I saw a tip about the The Curls Cult facebook page on Instagram. This turned out to be my salvation! I would like to share my first experiences with you.  



Information overload 

At the beginning a lot comes at you and you think: am I really going to start this? Terms such as scrunching, praying hands, clumps, scrunch out the crunch (SOTC), popping and pineapple are passing by at breakneck speed, and then there is the variety of products: shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in, gel, mousse… at a certain point. I could no longer see the forest for the trees. It's so much information. After two weeks of reading I started to determine my hair characteristics. Unsurprisingly, my hair had a high porosity and therefore needed a lot of protein (after years of abuse). But then… what do you buy?  

Buy products 

Fortunately, there are albums in the Facebook group sorted by product type and with and without protein (hallelujah!). From there I made a choice in combination with what the webshop had where I wanted to order it. We live in a remote corner with only 1 drugstore, the nearest shops are a 30-minute drive away. My work is also not conveniently located so yes… long live the internet.  

In the end, I partly relied on the experiences and tips of fellow curlies for products, but with a few products also based on "the face" of the product. It's so hard to make a first choice, but hey, the order was placed. Ooh yes, I did send my hubby off for the final wash shampoo, because they didn't have it at the webshop haha. A webshop like Curly Tools with composite starter packages makes it a lot more accessible to start with the CG method! 

Final wash! 

Once inside, get started! Printed the manual, check 3x between washing if I'm doing the steps in the right order. Do I leave the good product in for long enough or should I just rinse it out? Anyway, arriving at the leave-in: given my hair properties, this was the best to apply on wet hair. Okay… shower out, head half crooked and hair to one side and then watch with one eye what you are doing. Nothing comes out of the bottle? Ooh, the bottle is still sealed. Hold the cap in my mouth, remove the seal with my other hand, where do I put it? Open the shower door and yes… €15 bottle and in an unguarded moment I immediately empty it for a third. TOP! My tip; take a good look in advance to see what products you actually bought ;-) 

5 months later… do's and don'ts 

I had first typed: “before you know it, you are 5 months further.” But in the meantime, something has happened to your hair and to yourself haha. My hair has gone from practically straight to slightly curly. It had to work hard for that, and so did I ;-).  

You are soon tempted to test many different products. My advice: don't do this. Your hair is going to change a lot and you still have to get used to the entire CG method, so that it is better to stick to your 'basic' products for the first 2 to 3 months. Then you get an idea of the effect on your hair, what your hair needs and what you like. Which techniques work well and which don't. In the meantime my hair also had a protein overload, my hair suddenly became very dry (it was almost straw!), then I started using less products with protein and then it recovered.  

Keep taking pictures of YOUR progress and review them regularly to stay motivated. You see the most beautiful hair transitions on facebook and instagram, but it can take a while. For me the really big change came after 4 months!  

Last but not least, the big chop. Your hair probably went through a lot before you started the CG method. It can therefore be good to have your hair cut properly, usually Curlsys is recommended.  

What’s next? 

It is of course not the case that at some point you are 'done' with the CG method, or have completed it. Your curls will need to continue to be nourished! 

On my list are now a number of products that I would like to try out, such as the superhold gel from Boucleme and the Bouncecurl cream gel. I would also like to try 'finger coiling'. For the time being… we will be off the street for a while! 

To stay informed? Follow me on instagram at @wurlycurly_beachhair ❤️ 

Love Nienke 

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