Hoe krijg je clumps?

What are clumps?

What are curl clumps?

A clump is actually a bundle of hair that together forms a curl. This provides beautiful definition and bouncy curls. Some people like it when their hair is divided into clumps and others like smaller groups of curls. If you have larger clumps, you can carefully divide them into smaller bundles.

Wet curl clumps

How do you get clumps in your curls?

Water. Water is the number 1 tip to get real clumps in your curls. And did you know that you can safely add water again with a spray while styling? While styling your hair, you may get the impression that your curls are drying. Then spray the water on your hair until it is soaking wet again. Then you can start scrunching it again.

Always scrunch gently! Whether you use a towel or your hands, gentle scrunching is the key to maintaining your clumps.

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