Is curls protectin the summer, how can you best do that? Are you about to go on holiday or are you enjoying summer temperatures in your own country? Then it is very important to protect your curls well. Because sun, sea, beach and chlorine can influence your hair! 

Swimming with curly hair

Frequent swimming in chlorinated water can damage your hair. This is because chlorine removes all the natural skin oil from your scalp. Swimming a few times is okay, but do you swim regularly? Then it is useful to protect your hair extra. Are you not doing this? Then your hair will become extra vulnerable and can break off faster.

Is swimming in seawater good for your hair? It's better than chlorine, because seawater won't completely rid your scalp of sebum. But, did you know that seawater removes moisture from your hair? This can make your hair dry, stiff and more brittle. So also protect your curls while swimming in seawater! 

Some tips for zwiggle with curly hair:

  1. Wear a bathing cap: A swimming cap is one of the best ways to protect your hair from chlorine. Prefer not to wear it? Then read on quickly ;) 
  2. Wet your hair before swimming. Then bring a conditioner, mask of oil at. As a result, the chlorine is less able to penetrate to the hair. 
  3. put your hair in a high bun or tail immediately scrunchie† A scrunchie is much easier to take out once you get out of the pool! 
  4. Rinse your hair again after swimming† Then use a conditioner or mask again. 

How do you protect curls from the sun?

Not only on hot summer days, but also on cool, clear days, the sun can affect your hair. Our hair basically protects 

Our hair has to endure this. Because did you know that exposure to long-term UV radiation on your hair can make it fluffier and drier? So also protect your curls while sunbathing, or on a sunny day!

  1. Use a cap, hat or bandana: This is often the best choice to properly protect your curls. Is the inner lining made of satin? Then you really have maximum protection! In addition to giving your hair good protection, you also ensure that your scalp cannot be bandaged. 
  2. Use a UV protector for your hair. These are special products that you can use for your hair with UV block. A myth is that oils can help against the sun. To be 100% sure that your hair is protected, it is therefore very important to protect your curls with a UV protection spray. 

Vrouw met krullen in de zon

The best UV protection for curls


1. De Curly Secret Moisturizing Protection Spray - UV Blocker

UV protection spray curly secret

This UV hair spray is suitable for curly hair and has multiple purposes! 

De Imbue Curl Heat Protection Mist

heat imbue spray

See more?

View the entire collection for heat en uv!  

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