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Stuff for curls: Which 5 products do you really need?

Do you want to take care of your curls ? It's no surprise, but we think you're already inundated with various products that can dissolve your dry curls, make your curls beautiful and provide the most intense care. Or perhaps you suffer from a dry scalp? Then your curls may need extra care. Every curly head has a different type of curl and all hair types need their own care. You naturally want the best care for your beautiful curls, and on this page we will take you through all the must-haves that should not be missing from your stash.

What kind of curls do I have?

It is very useful to know what type of curly hair you have. And we don't mean that you need to know in detail what the elasticity or porosity of your hair is. When you start with the right care for your curls, it is useful to know whether your hair is fine, medium or thick (natural hair texture). If you have finer hair, it is useful to first start with lighter products. It is also useful to know whether you suffer from a dry scalp, for example. For example, your curls do not need aggressive cleansers, but choose to go for milder variants. If you wash it with a strong cleaner, this will have a drying effect and will not reduce your complaints. When searching for products, we advise you in various ways: for example, use the handy filters or use tools with questions to achieve the desired curl effect.

Curls extremely thirsty?

It is often indicated that curls are naturally very dry. But dry and curly hair don't always go together. Many manufacturers promote with marketing to prevent dry hair. Always try to keep an eye on your own curls and apply trial and error.

The top 5 for curl care

So you have curly hair or have light hair? And are you not satisfied with it because you want beautiful curls? Every curly hair will benefit from this list! Because here you will find the top 5 must-haves for your curling routine.

1. The washing duo for curls

This duo is truly indispensable. They are both very important and the start of beautiful curls. Using a shampoo can make your hair feel stiff, but a conditioner will make curls feel softer.

Shampoo for curls

You can care for curls with, among other things, a good shampoo . And by this we preferably mean a sulfate-free shampoo. With a shampoo you lay the foundation for your curling routine. It is sometimes said that using a shampoo is not a good idea. But it's certainly not a good plan if you never use shampoo. Because without cleaning your scalp, dirt, product residue and excess natural oils can build up on your scalp. This can result in itching, a dry feeling and even worse: the sagging of your curls. And did you know that the shampoos of the past often only contained sulphates? Fortunately, that time is over, because there are now many safer and better alternatives. Which shampoo suits best? You can find that here, or by using our handy filters.

Pictured are 3 shampoos for inspiration

Conditioner for curls

Curls need intense care. In addition to using a good cleanser, the conditioner is also really important to protect your curls. By using a conditioner you put a layer on your hair. This sounds very heavy, but it is a thin layer that you will certainly not feel or cause your hair to sag. Your hair cuticles will close after use, giving it shine and hydrating your hair. Do you have drier hair? Then you can reduce dry hair by using a deep conditioner. A conditioner is available in different variants: a deep conditioner or leave-in. They are all important, but the rinseable version is really a must-have. And always use it after washing. Also read the label because each formula is unique and certain ingredients have been chosen that affect your hair.

Tip: do you have damaged hair? Or does your hair feel soft? Then try to see if you need protein.

Leave in for curls

A leave-in as we mentioned above is a variant that you do not have to rinse. And use it for styling your curls. A little bit is enough for most curls; otherwise it may weigh down your curls. A leave-in also provides extra hydration and gives your curls a less dry feeling. All types of curls may need extra hydration, from frizzy to light blow. It is often important to choose a small amount for most types of curls.

Brush and comb your curls

Do you have a conditioner, deep conditioning (also called hair mask in Dutch) or leave-in in your curls? Then you could now brush or comb your hair in a safe way. Using a brush helps your hair get out of tangles and knots. It is important that you have the right brush at home. Because did you know that several of this item are also available? For example, you have brushes for styling your curls.

The best items to get for your curls are:

  1. A conditioner (rinseable)
  2. A deep conditioner (mask) (rinseable hair mask)
  3. A leave in (leave it on before you start styling)

    2. Proper styling for curls

    Styling for curls is also a very important part of your routine. Because your natural curls don't always look the way you want. Everyone sometimes notices that curls have fallen out after sleeping or even sag and become frizzy during the day. Frizzy hair can be prevented with the right styling, which also gives your curls a nice shine.

    Products for styling your curls

    Regardless of the ingredients, you can often apply generous amounts to your curls with a gel. Do you often have a tendency for your curls to frizz? Then it is really a must-have to have the right styling at home. There are many different items available.

    How you apply styling is also very important. Do you want more volume ? Then you can apply styling by hanging your head upside down. Are you having trouble with styling? Then this method can also be very useful for applying stylers.

    Leaves curls feeling soft

    Your hair may feel harder after using stylers, then you need an oil. Oil is used to 'squeeze' this hard feeling from the hair. And did you know that oil can also help if your hair starts to frizz? An oil also forms a layer around the hair and will protect curls and give them shine.

    The best items to get for styling your curls are:

    • Gel
    • If necessary, supplement with other stylers for curls later.
      Photo of a front view of a gel (LA Hold gel Giovanni)

      3. A curl drying towel

      In any case, make sure that the cotton towel you use to dry yourself remains separated from your curls or frizzy hair! Because did you know that this towel can cause more frizz and brittle hair? Your hair is very fragile when it is damp; so it is important that you use a towel that protects your hair while drying. Most curlies use a microfiber towel. That is the very best choice for your curls.

      4. A dryer for your curls

      A must-have that should not be missing from this list is a diffuser that lets your curls dry. Did you know that a hairdryer with a diffuser ensures that your curls dry thoroughly and therefore maintain a better curl pattern? With a diffuser you can also 'direct' your hair and create more volume. Before you start blow-drying, you can use a curling towel or a cotton T-shirt to shorten the drying time.

      Tip: always let your curls dry 100% before using an oil, for example. Drying curls must be done carefully; Only then will you retain your curls

      Photo of the front view of 2 Bellissima hairdryers

      What next with curly hair?

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      With this guide to curls you can at least take the first steps to care for your curls. Caring for curls cannot be arranged in a day, so give your curls time to get used to new care and give them the care they need. In our shop you can conveniently search for the right products for your curls. You can use filters in the shop or go to our 'help with finding' page.

      Do you have more questions about curly hair?

      After reading this article, do you need more tips for curls? Then read on in our blog, which is completely focused on caring for curls.

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