Stuff for curls! There are plenty to get, but which stuff for curls are a real must have? In this blog we take you through the most popular and important items.

Stuff for curls top 5 must haves

1. Right items to wash your hair

Within this top 5, the right hair care should certainly not be missing. But, what is the right hair care? By the right hair care we mean items that you can use within the special method for curls. So those are items without sulfates, wax, drying alcohol and mineral oils. 

It is useful to have at least a good cleaner at home and a conditioner. These 2 are indispensable because they form the basis of your routine.

So what you really need to have at home as a curly-haired ball: 

Spullen voor krullen
2. The right care

For this we have already named an item that also falls under the heading of the right care and that is the conditioner. This item ensures that after washing your hair a thin layer will be formed around your hair that gives protection. So, for example, it prevents your hair from breaking down and that it will fluff less. Did you know that you can also brush your curls well with a conditioner in your hair? This is because of this thin layer. You rinse out most conditioners. A variant of this is, for example, an item that you let it soak in longer and then rinse it out again: a mask. 

In addition to the rinse-out conditioners, there are also variants that you do not have to rinse out: leave-ins. These give your hair protection all day long. You apply this item before applying your stylers. A little bit is enough: otherwise it may weigh down your hair. 

The items that are best for you are therefore: 

3. The right stylers

In addition to the 2 items above, stylers are also an indispensable part of your routine. Why? The right stylers will reduce frizz and keep your curls in shape throughout the day and days to come. We recommend a gel in any case. But there are curlies who like to use a gel together with a cream or mousse. 

The items that are important when styling: 

Foto vooraanzicht van een gel (LA Hold gel Giovanni)


4. A good drying towel 

From cotton towel you can really exclude the ones you use after showering. Because did you know that this towel can provide more frizz and brittle hair? Your hair is very fragile when it is damp; so it is important that you use a towel that protects your hair while drying. 

Foto van een krullen handdoek
5. Diffuser

A must have that should not be missing from this list is a diffuser† Because did you know that a hair dryer with a diffuser ensures that your curls dry well and therefore retain a better curl pattern? With a diffuser you can also very well 'steer' your hair and create more volume.  

Foto van vooraanzicht van 2 verpakkingen van fohns

In addition to the above items, there are many more items and stuff for curls can be found on our website. But, do you want to start slowly and do you really want to have the items that are indispensable? Then the above list is useful as a starting point. 

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