Gorgeous is the hair dryer for curly hair. This hairdryer is compact and has the diffuser directly on it. So two in one! The Belissima Diffon Hair Dryer and the Bellisima My Pro Diffon Ceramic lie comfortably in the hand and are easy to take with you on a trip. And as you can see, the design deviates a bit from the 'regular hairdryers'. And that's what makes him so special! Bellissima hairdryers are made and designed in Italy. We were in love from the first moment these hairdryers were launched! CurlyTools has been an official retailer of this brand since 2020. Gorgeous The Bellissima hairdryers ensure that your hair is dried mildly and your curls are beautifully defined. In addition, your hair will also become silky, smooth and shiny! Bellissima is a brand that has specifically targeted everyone with curly hair. You can therefore not put another blower head on the hairdryer. As a curly you only use the diffuser head, because only this way you can be sure that your curls are more beautifully defined. Bellissima at CurlyTools In our shop we have a choice of two different Bellissima hair dryers for blow drying your curls. The Bellissima Diffon Hair Dryer Ceramic differs from the normal Bellissima Diffon Hair Dryer by a ceramic technology that moisturizes the hair, making it look beautiful while it dries. Both blow dryers are suitable for both short curly hair and long curly hair. In short, these blow dryers are perfect for the curly girl method.

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