The name Briogeo literally means 'lively and full of life of earth and nature'. That is what Briogeo wants to radiate to the world. Briogeo is 6-free hair care, which means that all products are free from aggressive sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates and synthetic dyes. In short, all products fit within your curly hair method! Biogeo Hair Care Briogeo is a transparent brand and does what it says. In fact, each back of the pack lists the exact percentage of naturally derived ingredients the product contains. Founder Nancy Twine has been involved in the beauty world from an early age. She wanted a transparent product with high-quality ingredients based on natural substances. This is how Biogeo Hair Care was born. Biogeo Hair Care CG Products At CurlyTools we have put together a special range of Biogeo products for you that fits perfectly within the cg method. Including a cg shampoo and conditioner. The Briogeo Scalp Revival conditioner is a product specially made for sensitive scalps. It helps reduce itchiness from your dry scalp and soothes irritated scalps. If you suffer from an itchy scalp, this is really worth a try.

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