Curl Keeper

Curl Keeper is known for its very powerful and concentrated effect and can be used entirely within the curly girl method. The CG products are suitable for every hair type. Curl Keeper is a brand from Canada, it was developed by Jonathan Torch. Solving individual curl problems was the spark that grew into Curl Keeper. This is where it all started. The goal was to create a range of products that would work 100% of the time, on any curl type, in all weather conditions and most importantly; without silicone. Through many years of research, the honest input and feedback from thousands of volunteers and dedicated chemists, Curl Keeper got the quality and look it has today. Would you like the products of Curl Keeper use? You can shop safely with us, because CurlyTools is an official distributor of this brand. Curl Keeper is known for its very powerful and concentrated effect. The products are suitable for every hair type. Curl Keeper Founder Jonathan quickly realized that the pH balance of curly hair was the key to taming wild curls. He believes that perfect hair should have a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Curl Keeper products are all acid balanced to maintain the perfect pH of healthy hair. As a result, your curls will be healthier, shinier and more manageable every time. These products are for everyday use and cannot create build-up. They enhance and maintain all color shades. Curl Keeper CG Products Curl Keeper has a wide range of products. Almost all items are also available in a travel size. Ideal if, for example, you want to test a product or if you go on holiday. Curl Keeper's most popular items are the Liquid Styler, this is a curly girl gel and the Slip Detangler. The Liquid Styler is a light gel with a strong hold. It's a water-based formula, so it doesn't feel sticky. Highly recommended if you have medium to thin hair! The Slip Detangler is a detangler that you can also use as a leave-in conditioner for your curls. This product is also water-based, so you prevent your hair from getting greasy. You will also not get a build-up because of this. Do you want to brush your hair safely? Then this detangler from Curl Keeper is definitely an option! Are you going on holiday and want to try products? Then the travel size variants of Curl Keeper are highly recommended. A travel size is available for each product! Ideal to try the hair products for your curly hair!

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