Lee Stafford

The hair products for curls from Lee Stafford are also known as the 'Pink Brand'. The brand Lee Stafford was launched in 2001. The CG products in this line do everything as promised on the packaging to stimulate your natural curls. Lee Stafford is a well-known celebrity hairdresser who has high standards for his curl products. Every product is tested and signed by Lee Stafford. Lee is the magic behind many celebrity haircuts. At Lee Stafford, they use the best ingredients available. Whether that be natural wonder plants or the latest scientific discoveries. The curly hair products from Lee Stafford are vegan friendly. Lee Stafford At Lee Stafford, they are just as passionate about what goes into the great cg curling products as they are about making sure they do what we say they do. They only use the best ingredients available that will get you curls, waves or coils. Lee Stafford CG Curly Hair Products The CG product line from Lee Stafford: The Love For Curls. The line is thus specially formulated for curly hair. Please note, not all Lee Stafford hair products and lines are Curly Girl Proof. Of course we have selected all CG products for you. Lee Stafford is an extensive and very popular line. A very popular product from this cg line is the Leave-in conditioning Moisture Mist. This is a very nourishing and moisturizing leave-in spray. It's a weightless spray that won't weigh down your curls or waves. It gives your curls bounce and you shine like never before! The curls products from Lee Stafford are very extensive. The line contains everything to take good care of your curls. It includes a curl shampoo, leave in conditioner for curls. You will also find a hair mask for curls and gel for curls. To complete your look, the line also contains a cg oil and serum that complete your CG product stash!

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