The best shampoo for curls

Learn more about shampoos and discover the best one for your curly hair.

Don't wash curly hair with a shampoo? Nonsense! We think a shampoo for curls is indispensable within your routine. This is because a shampoo makes dirt and product residues disappear from your scalp and hair. If you use a shampoo regularly, you keep your scalp clean and healthy. These 2 are the basis of beautiful and healthy curls. But, there are lots of shampoos: how do you choose the right one? and what types are there really?

What is a curl shampoo or cleanser?

A shampoo is basically a hair product that takes care of cleaning your scalp and hair. So it makes sure that dirt and leftovers from old products disappear properly. Most shampoos can be found in a liquid form. In recent years, you can also find more and more shampoos in solid form. A new trend that also focuses on our environment because they contain no water and plastic packaging.

What is the difference between a regular shampoo and a curl shampoo?

Curl shampoos are specially formulated by manufacturers. They often contain more moisturizing ingredients than "normal" types of shampoos.

What should you avoid in a curl shampoo?

You don't want sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, wax and drying alcohol in your shampoo. All types of shampoo on our website are free of these ingredients. This is because these ingredients can cause your curls to dry out, damage and become frizzy.

What is a good shampoo for curls?

The ideal shampoo cleans your scalp well but does not "strip your scalp. Stripping actually means that the shampoo really strips everything from your scalp. Your scalp produces natural skin oils. Do you remove it over and over again? Then your skin starts producing extra oil, which often results in greasy hair or other complaints, such as itching and dandruff. So an ideal curls shampoo will provide a clean scalp, but won't wash away everything.

What types of shampoos are there?

There are different types of shampoos available. We classify shampoos by substance and effect (degree of cleansing).
There are different types of shampoos available. We classify shampoos by substance and action (degree of cleansing).
  • Liquid shampoos: The most common form of a shampoo. The shampoo is liquid.
  • Shampoos in solid form: A shampoo bar is a product that, like a liquid shampoo, cleanses your hair and scalp. But a shampoo bar comes in a solid form, often round or square. You rub the shampoo bar between your hands, which allows you to apply the shampoo to your scalp.
Both variants are a good option as a shampoo. It is useful to find out for yourself what shape is most comfortable for you.

The effect (degree of cleansing)

  • Clarifying shampoos for curls
  • Gentle shampoos

Clarifying vs. Mild

Here we immediately place a very important note. Some manufacturers throw around terms like: deep cleansing, clarifying, mild cleansing etc. Then you think: then I really have a good cleanser on my hands. Nothing could be further from the truth, as these terms are sometimes wrongly used on packaging.

What is a clarifying shampoo?

A clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that contains a stronger cleanser. The all strongest shampoos are shampoos that contain sulfates. But, sulfates we avoid within the CG Method, so which one do you use? There are also clarifying CG shampoos. These are shampoos that officially do not contain sulfate but can cleanse that way. Some curlies avoid these shampoos but there are also an awful lot of curlies who benefit from such a shampoo.
A clarifying shampoo can safely be used, however, they are slightly more severe than the mild or extremely mild shampoo varieties. For each shampoo, we mention which category it falls into and what type of hair it is suitable for.First of all, then, we distinguish between the degree of cleansing. You have shampoos that cleanse more strongly but also variants that are milder in nature.

Ingredients by which you can recognize a clarifying shampoo

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium C14-16 Olefin sulfonate
  • Disodium 2-sulfolaurate

When do you use a clarifying shampoo?

  • You can do this for several reasons:
  • When you are prone to oily hair
  • When your scalp does not feel clean
  • You swim often
  • You are prone to build-up. These are residues of products that remain on your hair. You often recognize this because your hair is dull, sags, lacks a cast and if it takes a long time to dry. A cast is created when a gel or mousse hardens on your hair.
  • Because it feels nice and clean after washing

Tips for using a strong cleansing shampoo

We do want to give you a little note when using these shampoos. It is really important that you do not use the shampoo too often. Use it at most once or twice every 2 weeks. The very best thing is to have a (extremely) mild shampoo in addition to a clarifying shampoo

What is a mild shampoo?

A mild shampoo contains cleansers that are extra mild for your scalp. So they cleanse just fine, but slightly milder than the clarifying varieties. We prefer the mild shampoos. Although you can very well alternate mild and clarifying shampoos.
In addition to standard mild shampoos, there are also extremely mild shampoos. These are shampoos that are ideal for daily use. They are perfect for curly hair because they do not dry out your hair. Do you suffer from a dry scalp? Then an extremely mild shampoo is for you! Note, do you use extremely mild shampoos? Then it is useful to use a clarifying shampoo once every 2 weeks or a final wash shampoo monthly in addition to this shampoo.

Ingredients by which you can recognize a standard/mild shampoo

  • Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate

Ingredients by which you can identify an extremely mild shampoo:

  • Coco-Betaine
  • Cocoyl Methyl Glucamide
  • Cocoglucoside

The anti-dandruff shampoo

Do you suffer from dandruff or a sensitive scalp? Then it may be useful to choose a special anti-dandruff shampoo. A shampoo for sensitive skin contains ingredients that can instantly soothe your scalp and reduce the symptoms.

So how do you choose the right shampoo?

we give you some tips on how to choose the best shampoo.
  • Do you have normal to healthy hair? Then go for a normal/mild shampoo.
  • Do you want a clarifying shampoo or a milder variety?
  • Determine if you have certain needs, for example, do you have a sensitive scalp and use the filters within our shop.
  • Does the shampoo suit your hair type? This is indicated with each article

5 tips for the best shampoo for curly hair

In the category of best shampoos for curly hair, have looked at the best-selling shampoo within our shop, an overall review from curly groups on Facebook.
Giovanni Cosmetics Smooth as Sik Shampoo
Giovanni Cosmetics Smooth as Sik Shampoo
When we talk about popular shampoo for curly hair, Giovanni Cosmetics is a leader in this. This Giovanni Smooths As Silk Shampoo is aimed at damaged hair but, we think: also for dry hair. The shampoo is on the mild side and contains conditioning ingredients in addition to cleansers. So your hair feels good and soothing after washing. Another plus, the price because with a price of around 12.95 you have a top quality product for a super price.
  • For all crultypes and textures
  • Mild CG Shampoo
  • Protein free
  • 250ML
  • Price: 12.95 euro
  • CG Proof (so, free of silicones, drying alcohol, wax, mineral oil and silicones)

Noughty Wave Hello Shampoo

Noughty Wave Hello Shampoo
Noughty is also not to be missed in this top 5. This Wave Hello Shampoo is also available at a good price of around 12 euros. It is suitable for all types of curls and falls under the milder shampoos for curly hair.
  • For all curl types and textures
  • Protein-free
  • Mild CG Shampoo
  • 250ML
  • Price: 11.95 euros
  • CG Proof (so, free of silicones, drying alcohol, wax, mineral oil and silicones)

Holy Curls Shampoo

Holy Curls Shampoo
When we talk about top quality shampoos, we end up with Holy Curls Shampoo. This shampoo is made from 100% natural ingredients and is packed with rich extracts. The price is higher than the 2 previous variants but, on the other hand, you can use it a lot longer because it is more concentrated. The environment was also taken into account when producing this shampoo. He is mild and thus falls under the heading: ECO haircare.
  • For all crultypes and texture
  • Contains protein
  • Natural shampoo
  • Mild cleanser
  • 300ML
  • Price: 25 euro
  • CG Proof (so, free of silicones, drying alcohol, wax, mineral oil and silicones)
  • Natural products
  • Nice smell
  • 1 of our best brands

Curlsmith Shine Shampoo

Curlsmith Shine Shampoo
The Curlsmith Shine shampoo is specially made for curls and is perfume-free. Curlsmith is a well-known brand within the curly girl community. The products are of high quality and provide the best results for everyone. Do you suffer from an irritated scalp? Then this is definitely a shampoo to try!
  • For all types of curls and textures
  • Protein-free
  • Perfume-free
  • Gentle shampoo
  • 24 euros

Moistful Curl Shampoo

Moistful Curl Shampoo
And last but certainly not least, here we have the shampoo from Moistful Curl. This shampoo is extremely mild. That means you can feel free to use it daily without drying out your hair. This shampoo is great for curly hair. It is helpful if you use this shampoo, you do a clarifying shampoo or final wash regularly. This prevents product buildup.
  • For all curl types and textures
  • Protein-free
  • Extremely Gentle CG Shampoo
  • 473ML
  • Price: 11,95 euro
  • Free of sulfates
  • Also suitable for colored hair

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