Curly Girl Method products distributor

Buy CG Products for your salon? Or do you have a store that specializes in selling hair products?

How it works

You can get a standard 15% discount on our assortment. Of course you will receive a VAT invoice from us. You will receive a discount code that you can use within our webshop. You will receive the code after you have emailed the following information to
  • Name and surname
  • Name salon
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • Address details
Would you like to buy from us for more than 200 euros? Then you can mail us the order to
so we can make you an offer. You can do this by for example making a screenshot of the products in your shopping cart. Are you a customer? Then you can fill your shopping cart and we will see the items you would like to order within our system.

Promotion of your curly hair salon

We have a Facebook page with an incredibly large reach throughout the Netherlands. The group currently has more than 40,000 women with curly hair. Would you like to advertise your salon or fill the last spots in your calendar? Then contact us by emailing