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Denman Styling Brush D4


Of Denman Brush D4 is a special styling brush for curly hair. This black with red brush for curls consists It consists of 9 rows of nylon pins that are spaced, making it particularly suitable for all types of curls. Because the wide rows ensure that you get more curl definition in your hair. And did you know that you can also create more volume with this brush?

This brush is extremely popular with curlies and special curlers at home and abroad. And did you know that this brush is our No. 1 bestseller? An indispensable tool in your curly girl routine! 

  • Curl Type: Front all kinds of curl types
  • Hair Texture: Front medium  to thick hair 
  • Hair Length Hair: Front medium long  to long hair 
  • Goal: Better curl definition and volume  
Is the Denman D4 right for me?

The D4 is one stroke bigger than the D3. So if you have thicker hair or long hair, the D4 is a more suitable brush. Are you in doubt? Then use our advice tool: Choose the right Denman Brush.  

Video: How do you use the Denman D4?

Have you put all styling products in your curls? Then get started with this brush. Start gently from the top to the ends. Make a rotating movement downwards or make the rotating movement at the end. 

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