Finger coiling is a technique you can use to get more defined curls. 

Who is the finger coiling technique suitable for? 

The finger coiling technique is suitable for anyone who wants to get more defined curls. You can apply this technique to any curl type. It may be that it works more for some than for others, but that is (just like everything within the cg method) just trying it out. ;) Don't forget that the cg method is an adventure, not everything goes right right away. 

What do you need for the finger coiling technique? 

All you need are your favorite styling products. 

How does the finger coiling technique work? 

1. Make sure to do this technique on wet hair. 
2. Grab your favorite styling products and apply it to your hair. 
3. Divide your hair into sections. 
4. Take a tuft of hair and wrap it around your finger. 
5. Repeat this all over your hair. 
6. Let it dry as usual and enjoy your super defined curls!

Success! :)

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