Do you have a light wave in your hair and do you want to get more out of your curls? or do you suddenly have less curls than you always had? It can have many different causes when your curls are gone. In this blog we tell you how to stimulates natural curls.  

Do you have natural curls?

Whether you have curly hair hangs theoretically depending on the shape of your hair follicles. Are they oval? then you have curly hair, but your hair can also have a bit of curl, then your hair follicles are slightly oval. The hair follicles can change throughout your life. Did you have curly hair as a child? Then it does not always have to mean that you still have these curls at the moment. It often happens that the shape of your hair follicles changes, but it can also happen that certain things affect your hair. Think of using birth control, hormones can change your curls. Chemical treatments can also change the hair structure: think of setting up a perm or bleaching your hair. 

Of course we can't see the hair follicles. But how do you know if you have curls? You often see this when your hair is damp and there is a light streak in it. In addition, it is useful to use the right tools and hair care to bring out your natural curls. 

foto van krullend haar

Taking care of natural curls

The right hair care size is a big part of your routine. 

To clean 

First of all, it is important to thoroughly check your things that you have at home for your curls. For example, do you use a shampoo with sulfates? Then we advise you to alternate it every now and then with a milder shampoo† A mild shampoo cleans your scalp well and ensures that natural oils are not removed from your scalp. So for natural curls, use a mild or extremely mild shampoo, and alternate it with a deep-cleansing shampoo every now and then. 

To nurse

ALWAYS (!) use a conditioner of masker after using a shampoo. Why? A shampoo will open your hair cuticles and your hair may still feel a bit rough. This is not surprising, but always use a conditioner to close your hair cuticles. The result? Your hair feels soft again. Do you currently have a conditioner that doesn't give the soft feel? Then we recommend a different conditioner. Maybe you've been using it for too long and your hair needs something different.


In addition to the above points, it is very important what you want to achieve with your curls. Because after washing your hair, an important step begins: styling your curls. With the right gel and cream you can shape your curls. Basically you give them a helping hand to get into the right shape and leave it that way. Do you have a looser curl pattern? Then you will notice that you really have to lend your hair a hand: by scrunching and by using a diffuser hair dryer. 

Other tips for curls

In addition to the right hair care, it is also very important to go to the hairdresser every now and then. And preferably, a curler. A curler often cuts on dry hair because that way they can see your curl pattern well and know how the curl falls. In addition, your hair grows much better if you go to the hairdresser regularly, so once every 8 weeks. 

There are also tools for curly hair that stimulate natural curls. Because did you know that using a cotton towel can damage your hair? A microfiber towel is a better option, it is gentle on your curls and can dry properly without the extremely rough rubbing like a cotton towel. 

Do you brush your hair dry? that is really a no go for your natural curls. You can brush it, but preferably do this on damp hair that has a conditioner in it. The conditioner provides protection during brushing. 

How do you get started with your natural curls? Read more here!

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