How often can you wash your hair? This is different for everyone. Sometimes you sometimes hear people washing it every day, for example. It is often said that the less you wash, the better. This is not always the case. Because perhaps you work in an environment where odor affects your hair and you therefore want to wash it more often. Or do you often exercise? Then of course you don't feel like crawling into bed with sweaty hair. In this blog we explain how often you can wash your hair and we give a number of handy guidelines that you can follow. 

How often do you wash within the CG Method?

As we have already indicated, it differs per person how often you have to (or rather, want to wash). Most curlies wash it 1 to 2 times a week. It is important that you use a CG Shampoo once a week. On the other days you can only use a conditioner or a co-wash. 

Wash your hair within the CG Method with a CG Shampoo

Do you read somewhere that you can only wash once or twice a week or as little as possible? Then here is a small detail. Do you wash your hair with a CG Shampoo 3 times a week? Then your hair may become drier and of course you don't want that. That is why it is often said that less washing is often better. But, did you wash your hair with a conditioner or a co-wash? Then you can wash more often. In other words: as often as you would like. 

 Wash your hair with this CG schedule

 wash your hair

Wash day 1: CG Shampoo, masker, leave-in, 

styling (gel, mousse, cream etc).

Wash day 2: Conditioner, Leave-in conditioner, 

styling (gel, mousse, cream etc).

Wash more often 

Wash day 1: CG Shampoo, masker, leave-in, 

styling (gel, mousse, cream etc).

Wash day 2: Conditioner, Leave-in conditioner, 

styling (gel, mousse, cream etc).

Wash day 3: Cowash, leave-in, 

styling (gel, mousse, cream etc).

Do you want another wash day? Feel free to use a co-wash or conditioner again.


Monitor how your hair responds to more frequent/less washing

Do you feel like you wash more often, but your hair is very dry? Then this is a characteristic to take it a little easier with washing. Also take a look at your shampoo, do you have a shampoo that cleans gently? or do you have a shampoo with stronger cleansers? So take a good look at the effects on your hair. Try experimenting. 

I want to wash less often

So there are no fixed rules on how often you should wash your hair, but most CG'ers wash their hair about 1/2 times a week. Try what works best for you. For example, do you exercise every day and are you used to washing it immediately afterwards? Then a Root Refresh Spray maybe something for you. You use this spray on your scalp and make it a bit fresher. In addition, it also provides a pleasant smell! † 

I have oily hair, should I wash it more often?

Do you suffer from greasy hair? Then this does not necessarily mean that you have to wash more often to solve this problem. Sometimes it can even get worse. Do you often touch your hair? learn this first, because this can cause greasy hair. In addition, a regular final wash can also help you with oily hair. Want more tips? Read our blog about buildup

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