Do you follow the CG method? Then you have probably seen the leave in conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner use before you start styling your hair. It provides protection and a proper moisture balance for your curls. 

But, how does a leave-in work? and is this a must have? We sum the key points about the leave-in up for you!

How do you use a leave-in?

You can apply the product after you have washed your hair and before you start styling your hair. As the name suggests, you can leave the leave-in in your hair without rinsing it out. 

A number of useful tips when applying:

  1. Make sure your hair is still damp as soon as you apply the leave-in. The water doesn't have to drip out, in that case you can use it a little pat dry with a towel and then apply the leave-in. 

  2. It is useful to divide your hair into sections with useful section clips. You can therefore better distribute the product over your hair.

  3. Always brush your hair after application, so you can be sure that the product is well distributed over your hair. It's best to really have a use a brush to detangle your hair

Tip! Don't use too much! A little bit of leave-in is enough. Think of the size of a 5 euro cent to euro coin. 

    Why should you use a leave-in?

    A leave-in has many advantages. It is able to protect your hair against fragility, dehydration and external weather influences (such as the sun, or varying temperatures). And, did you know that a leave-in can also help with frizzy hair?

    A leave-in puts a wafer thin layer around your hair that is not noticeable or is heavy on your hair. This thin layer provides protection. In addition to this layer, a leave-in often also contains ingredients that can penetrate your hair and provide the right care and protection. 

    Can you use a normal conditioner as a leave-in?

    We advise against this. A leave-in conditioner is specially formulated to leave it on your hair without rinsing it out. A conditioner is often too heavy for this.  

    Some products have multiple functions. So always check the packaging of your product to see if you can use it as a leave conditioner or read the explanation of our products!

    Can you use a leave-in if you have fine hair?

    Yes! Anyone with curls can use a leave-in conditioner. It is useful with fine hair to choose a leave-in that is made on a water basis and contains many extracts instead of butters and oil. 

    Tip! use the filters on our website to search for light leave-ins! 

    Should I use a leave-in with or without protein?

    This depends on your hair characteristics. Be careful, don't stare at this blindly. Because a protein is a conditioning agent that protects your curls. There are leave-in conditioners with and without protein that have the same effect. 

    We recommend that you connect your leave-in to the shampoo and conditioner you have at home. Does the line you have at home not contain a leave-in? Then you can see if that brand has a cream. Then you use this to replace the leave-in. 

    What can I use instead of a leave-in?

    Don't like a leave-in? Then look at a cream. Note, never use them both at the same time, this can be too heavy for your hair. 

    What is the best leave-in for curls?

    Whether a leave-in is good for your curls depends on your hair characteristics and your own wishes. Because did you know that you can also get a leave-in in a spray? Some curlies find this more convenient than a bottle or tube. 

    As standard, we advise you to connect a leave-in to the brand that you already use as a shampoo or conditioner. Don't have a shampoo or conditioner from our shop yet? No problem, because below we explain the most purchased leave-ins and why they are so popular. And finally, useful to know: all leave-ins on our website are CG and can be used within the CG Method.

    Light leave-in conditioner without protein:

    The product below is the leave-in conditioner van Giovanni. This leave-in is ultra light and is often used by curl types 2 to 3. 

    Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner

    Leave-in with protein

    The product below is the Multi-tasking conditioner van Curlsmith. As the name suggests, this is a multitasker! You can use it as a normal conditioner, mask and leave-in conditioner. 

    Curlsmith Strength Recipes Multi-tasking Conditioner

    Leave-in met spray

    The product below is an example of a leave-in in spray form. This makes it super convenient to apply the product to your hair! This is the Imbue Leave-in

    IMBUE Curlinspiring Conditioning Leave in Spray

    Make sure you can view all leave-ins! Go to here alle leave-in conditioners 

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