From Curlsmith Shine Recipe has recently been launched and is finally available from us! And what a top line, because a lot of curly girls suffer from a sensitive scalp. Many CG products contain perfume, which can be a reason that you with a sensitive scalp can react to the ingredients that determine the smell of a product. We are happy! Because this new line from Curlsmith is perfume free! HOORAY! And not unimportant, all products in the line can be used within the cg method. 

Foto van de producten van de Shine Recipe van Curlsmith

De Curlsmith Shine Recipes

The new Shine line from Curlsmith contains several products, but they do contain a very clear step-by-step plan. This keeps it clear. Besides that the CG products are perfume-free, another big advantage is that the products can be used for all hair textures and hair types. In addition, Curlsmith has also made a subdivision in the gel. Curlmith's shine recipe consists of a medium hold gel (Curlsmith Shine Jelly) and an extreme hold gel (Curlsmith Shine Gel† One likes a stronger hold and the other curly girl likes a medium hold. So nice that a brand takes this into account! The line also consists of: 

The Benefits of the Curlsmith Shine Recipes


But what makes this line different from the previous Curlsmith recipes? We have already mentioned the biggest point, the cg products are perfume-free and therefore suitable for everyone, especially for curlies with a sensitive scalp. 


From the reviews we heard from influencers who have already used the products, Curlsmith's claim about the extra shine was correct. Most curlies notice a nice shine on the hair after use. 


The shine gel is comparable to the Curlsmith Style fixer. Both have an extreme hold. They both have a slightly thicker substance compared to the Shine Jelly of the new line. There is a small subtle scent in the gel, but this has not been added as a perfume, Curlmith confirmed. 

Light products

All products of the line are light. This means it can be used for any type of texture. And that is of course very pleasant!

Travel sizes

Finally, Curlsmith has been very helpful because they have also realized travel sizes with this line. We personally think this is a big plus, since the products are on the more expensive side and you want to make sure that you like the products and that they work well for your hair. 

Share your experience about the Curlsmith Shine Recipe

Are you planning to use the new products soon? Feel free to send your review by email or let us know in the facebook group† And share your experience with other curlies! 

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