From Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Gel Refresh is the most new product of the brand Umberto Giannini. And oohh, we are so happy with this product! We were already a huge fan of the Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Gel. And now we can also add this delicious refresh spray (yes, it's almost the same scent) to the range of Umberto Giannini.

Wat is de Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Refresh?

As the name suggests, the Curl Jelly Refresh is a spray with which you can reactivate your curls. And by this we mean the days between washing. If you do not use the Umberto Curl Jelly Gel, then this item is definitely recommended for your curly girl method routine. In the video below I (Eline) show you the product! 

As you can see, the refresh spray is a bottle with which you can get started quickly: Spray and go! I always try to divide my hair well, so that you can be sure that you have had all the pieces of your hair. 

My experience with the Curl Jelly Refresh Spray

Umberto Giannini promises with this spray that your curls come back to life, prevents frizz and adds shine. In addition, Umberto Giannini indicates that you do not need a re-style when using this product. This means that you do not need extra gel or mousse, for example. 

I applied the refresh spray after the day I had an extensive washday. Some curlies can bring the hair back into shape with water, but I always need a little more. I often use a gel or mousse in addition to water. When I used this refresh spray, I left the gel and mousse for what it is. So I only used this refresh spray. What immediately struck me was the delicious sweet, but not overpowering scent. I love it! It is a nice subtle scent that gives you a really fresh feeling. What I really thought was a plus is that the spray didn't get sticky or feel greasy. It is really a light spray, which makes it suitable for everyone. Umberto Giannini also indicates this: it is for all curl types, from wavy hair to coily textures. I haven't started using the spray for very long, because it is quick and easy to use. I scrunch my hair at the same time when applying, this makes the curls come in even better. I also heard that the gloss increased. I like this because this is what I can often achieve with a gel, which I normally use on a refresh day. 

Product foto van de Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Refresh spray

Benefits of the Curl Jelly Refresh spray from Umberto Giannini
  • For all curl types
  • Lovely fresh, sweet scent
  • Reduced fluff
  • Gives shine 
  • And my hair looked good, even though I didn't do a restyle
Disadvantages of the Curl Jelly Refresh spray

I found it difficult to name the disadvantages, because I find it a really pleasant refresh spray compared to other sprays that I have used. But if I have to mention 1 it is that the spray was empty for me quickly. The spray atomizes slightly less than, for example, a Ouidad refresh spray  of Inashi Refresh spray† And because of this, I felt I had to spray more often and more than the aforementioned sprays. I have long and thick hair, so you may not have this problem with a finer or medium hair type. Compared to the price, the spray is at a good level, the aforementioned both contain 100ML more than the curl jelly refresh spray, but are both around 20 euros. The Curl Jelly Refresh contains 150ML for a price of 13.95. 

Is the Curl Jelly Gel Refresh spray worth it? 

Yep, I think so. It is a very nice spray. There is also quite a lot to be found about the spray on social media such as Instagram. Many curly hair influencers are happy with it because it really does what Umberto Giannini promises. In addition, I am secretly a mega of Umberto Giannini, especially because of the Curl Jelly Gel of the brand. So I was super excited for this product! I am happy with it, and have included this product in my curly hair routine! 

More information about the Curl Jelly Refresh?

Read more information about the . on our product page refresh spray van Umberto Giannini

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