More and more people are switching to vegan cosmetics and diets. Also in the world of hair care, there are more and more 'vegan' hair products available. We also have a number of them in our range. But what exactly does this mean?

When are hair products Vegan?

There are a number of conditions that a hair product must meet in order to qualify as a 'vegan' product. 

Amino acids and vitamin B are examples of substances that can be used in hair products. These substances, among others, come from animals. Vegan hair products do not contain these ingredients! 

Many products are tested on animals. But for vegan products, products are not tested on animals. The English term for this is 'Cruelty Free'. 

So, vegan products (1) do not contain ingredients that come from animals and are (2) not tested on animals! 

Cruelty Free

You may have seen the term 'Cruelty Free' on a product. This means that the products are not tested on animals (ie not tested on animals). But watch out! It is possible that animal substances have been used for the product. 

Why vegan products?

The choice of whether or not to use vegan products is of course very personal. However, vegan products do have a number of additional benefits. For example, it can be good for people who have sensitive skin. The ingredients of vegan products are usually milder in nature. Furthermore, vegan hair products are more often packaged in recyclable packaging material. 

Are vegan hair products also more expensive?

New! There are more and more brands that make vegan hair products for a relatively low price. This is the advantage that arises because there is an increasing demand for these types of products. 

Which CurlyTools products are Vegan?

There are a number of brands that are Vegan:

  • Umberto Giannini 
  • Holy Curls 
  • Noughty 

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