A hair dryer for curls is one of the most important tools a curly girl can have within the cg method† And diffuser is blower nozzle specially made for curly hair. You can put this on you hairdryer to make. Without a diffuser you can experience extra frizzy hair and you can blow out the curl pattern that you have created during styling, as it were. 

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Why choose a blow dryer for curls?

A hairdryer with a diffuser can be used with any curl type. So do you have wavy hair, or curls or a coily hair type? Everyone benefits from your curly girl routine. It keeps your curl pattern intact and it also provides more volume (if you wish!). 

Which hair dryer for curls is best?

When it comes to blow dryers for curls, there are several models available. Your own wishes play a major role in this. How much money do you want to spend on it? Do you already have a diffuser, but are you looking for a better variant? And what kind of model would you like? Do you like a smaller hairdryer, or do you want a hairdryer that has a lot of power and a cool shot? As you can see, a lot of features to take into account. In this blog we discuss the hair dryers that we offer in our shop. All hair dryers in our webshop have been tested on our own curls. 

Chi LAVA Dryer

The CHI Lava is an extremely popular hair dryer and therefore very popular with everyone with curly hair and especially in the curly girl communities. The CHI Lava is ceramic, which means that the heat that comes from the hairdryer is evenly distributed over the hair than a hairdryer that is not ceramic. 

    • Cool shot function
    • The center of gravity is in the handle, so you have less noise and the hair dryer feels lighter (the hair dryer is 700 grams) 
    • 3 heat settings
    • The long cord of 3.3 meters gives you extra freedom of movement.
    • Ceramic technology (so especially suitable for damaged, dry and/or dyed hair) 
    • Price 159.20
Chi 1875 Compact Hair Dryer

The CHI Compact Hair Dryer is the new sister of the CHI Lava. We have included this in the range as an alternative to the CHI Lava. The big difference between the hairdryers is the wattage. The higher the wattage, the faster your hair dries. We recommend a higher wattage if you have thicker hair, for example, because then the wattage can make a big difference in the drying time. Do you have finer or medium hair? Then a hairdryer with a lower wattage will suffice. Another big difference compared to the CHI Lava: The size of the hairdryer. The compact (as the name suggests) is really better in the hand for certain curls. In addition, the Compact contains excellent pins at the diffuser nozzle, and it is also a bit larger than the CHI Lava. 

    • Cool shot function
    • Handy 
    • 3 heat settings
    • Cord 2 meters 
    • Ceramic technology (so especially suitable for damaged, dry and/or dyed hair) 
    • Price 159
Beautiful Diffon Fohn

The blow dryers we are going to discuss now are the Bellissima blow dryers especially for curls. You probably already see a big difference: the model of the hairdryer. The model is very handy. This means that the hair dryer is very pleasant to use because it is nice and light in the hand. In addition, it is also very handy to take with you on a trip, without taking up too much space in your suitcase. A big difference compared to the 2 hair dryers for this is the wattage. This is a lot lower with the Bellissima hair dryers, namely 700. Is this sufficient, you may wonder? This depends on your wishes but also on your hair length. For example, if you have longer or thicker hair, it will take a little longer with this hairdryer before your hair is dry. For short curly hair you will not immediately experience the consequences of a hairdryer with less wattage. But if you have longer and thicker hair, then this is a point that you will have to make in your consideration. You can then add the price of the hairdryer, if you are in doubt. Both Bellssima hair dryers are a lot lower in purchase than the CHI variants. But, despite the lower wattage, these are perfect hair dryers for anyone who doesn't mind a slightly longer drying time. Furthermore, this hair dryer is sufficient as a very nice model to dry your curls. 


    • Very handy 
    • 2.2 meter cable length
    • 2 heat settings
    • Price 48.95
Beautiful Ceramic Fohn

And then we have the other variant of the Bellissima hairdryer. The ceramic version. This is a hair dryer with ceramic technology, just like the CHI hair dryers. This is better for damaged and/or dyed hair and for anyone who gets even better protection when blow-drying. Just like the Diffon hair dryer, this hair dryer also has the beautiful small model that is wonderfully handy. The wattage is the same as the diffon variant, so this also counts: if you have longer and thicker hair, and if you want a shorter drying time, a hairdryer with a higher wattage is recommended. If the drying time doesn't matter to you, a 700-watt hair dryer will suffice. 

    • Very handy 
    • 2.2 meter cable length
    • 2 heat settings
    • Ceramic technology
    • Price 64.95

Summary main features of hair dryers for curls 

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  Cool shot function heat settings Ceramic Wattage Price
WHO Washes Fohn Yes 3 Yes 1100 159,20
CHI 1875 Compact Dryer Yes 3 Yes 1875 159
Beautiful Diffon Fohn Nee 2 Nee 700 48,95
Beautiful Diffon Fohn Ceramic  Nee 2 Yes 700 64,95


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