CG Co wash with protein

Are you looking for a CG Co Wash with protein that you can use within the curly girl method? Within this collection you will find all cg products that meet these conditions. What is a CG Co Wash with Protein? One co wash or co washing is an abbreviation for conditioner washing. In addition to the caring ingredients of a conditioner, a curly girl co wash also contains mild cleaners. This means that you can wash your hair in a mild way and give it a cleaner feeling than if you only wash your hair with a conditioner. We can therefore call a co wash a 2-in-1 product, a combination of a cg shampoo in cg conditioner in 1 product. Which CG CO wash with protein is suitable for curly hair? All co wash products you see in this collection are suitable for curly hair. One curl is not the other, so it is important to find out what suits your curls. Do you have finer curly hair? then it is useful to use lighter products. The Inahsi Co wash is highly recommended in your case. Do you have medium to thick hair? Then you can choose within the entire collection. We clearly explain to you what the co-wash does and for whom it is suitable for each article.

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