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Are you looking for the products of LUS Brands? Then you've come to the right place! At CurlyTools you can buy all products from this brand. And we were so happy that we could finally add the cg products from LUS to our collection. LUS stands for Love Ur Self. With this name LUS directly links to its mission: LUS encourages you to love yourself, to accept yourself for everything you do and are. You are unique, Love Ur Self! LUS Brands The brand LUS Brands originated in Canada, the owner of the Sahar Saidi brand. The inspiration for LUS and the mission arose from her own childhood. As a child, she had low self-esteem and had to deal with bullying. Everyone has their own story and Sahar has brought this back into her brand and wants to convey this to everyone, she wants to help others. And she has literally brought this back in her products and the mission of the brand. LUS started small, without Instagram and other big channels. She was afraid of the reactions, but a few years later she introduced the brand widely to the whole world: LUS Brands has become an internationally appreciated brand. LUS Brands CG Products The Loop collection consists of a shampoo, conditioner and the all-in-one gel. Hydrate, care for and style your curls within 3 steps. We have had our eye on the LUS brand since 2019. Because how cool would it be if we could add this brand to our range. After about 1.5 years, we were able to add LUS cg products to our range in 2021. LUS Brands has a very clear cg method step-by-step plan in its collection. The hair care line for curls therefore consists of a shampoo for curls, a conditioner and gel for curls. The curly girl gel is an all-in-one gel. It is one of the most popular cg products from LUS. It is specially formulated for wavy hair, curly hair and coily hair. The curls shampoo and conditioner are made for all curls. CurlyTools has been an official distributor of the LUS Curls brand since 2021. We hope to add even more beautiful LUS products to our collection in the coming year!

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