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Suncoat has been around for a while, since 2002. Yingchun Liu is the founder of the brand and therefore has a background as a chemist. The brand originated in Canada because Yingchun's daughter was experimenting with nail polish. But, as she knew, nail polish contains many chemical components that are not good for the health of our body. With the expertise that Yingchun had, she started experimenting with a water-based nail polish. Which is therefore completely free of the chemical components and is therefore safer for everyone. 


Fortunately, it didn't just stop at nail polish, because the founder noticed that many other cosmetic products also contained many controversial ingredients. With her extensive knowledge, she has not only made a line for nail polish, but she has also set up natural lines that are suitable for hair & body. In recent years, the founder has won many awards for her perfectly formulated naturally formulated products. 's hair products Suncoat are free from: 

  • PVP
  • PVA
  • acrylic polymers
  • polyacrylamiden
  • Alcohol.

The formulas are based on sugar. 

Suncoat hair products at CurlyTools

How do you create hold in a hairspray or gel with natural products? The founder of Suncoat knew the answer to that! Because with new technology, Suncoat was able to set up a hairline based on sugar. The line consists of 4 articles that are all based on sugar. You can find with us: Suncoat Natural Anti-Frizz Hair Calming Serum, Suncoat Natural Hair Spray Fragrance-Free, Suncoat Natural Styling Gel, Suncoat Natural Styling Mousse. 

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