Ploppen is a very handy way to dry your curls well. Plop is a way to dry your hair. It provides more volume, better curl definition and less fluff. Drying on curly hair is a crucial moment. Are you doing it the wrong way? Or are you not going to be careful? Then this can cause you to suffer from more fluff and less curl definition. And of course we don't want that! To give your curls the perfect definition, it is therefore important to get started well prepared. 

What is popping within the CG Method?

Popping is therefore a special drying technique. Popping will tighten your curls, giving you better curl definition after drying your hair. If you want to start popping, it is first of all useful to have the right tools at home. You need a towel. By this we do not mean your towel with which you dry yourself, but a special microfibre towel. This towel is soft and smooth, which prevents friction as much as possible. Do you use a 'normal' towel? Then you damage your hair due to the often rough surface of these cotton towels. 

The benefits of plopping

As you have read, there are many advantages to it ploppen of your curls. We list the advantages for you. 

1. Improved Curl Pattern: If your curls are wet, you must have discovered that your curls are very smooth and beautifully defined. As your hair dries further, your hair can lose this beautiful curl pattern. The time between damp hair and drying it is extremely crucial. Because you will pop your hair after applying the gel, you will retain your curl pattern. 

2. Shorten drying time: Popping reduces the drying time considerably. super handy! If you recognize that drying your curls can literally take ages! †

3. Additional benefit for wavy's: Do you have finer hair or a looser curl? Then you can create extra volume with pops. You dry your hair on top of your head. If you let your curls dry 'hanging', this may be a reason that you experience less volume and less definition at your roots. Because of the water that is still in your hair, your hair is a lot heavier. 

The Disadvantages of Popping

 1. Cast can be reduced: Because a towel effectively removes moisture from your hair, this may also happen with the products you have used. Because of this, you may miss a cast or feel like you have a lesser cast. A cast is a hard layer that surrounds your hair, which many curlies often want to achieve. But, don't you have a cast and are you sitting  

2. Popping Doesn't Work For Everyone: Every curl is different, so this means that not every technique will work for every curl. Try it out! And see what it does for your curls. Doesn't it work? Read on in our blog for other tips! 

When should I pop my hair?

You've done your CG wash routine and you step out of the shower. Then continue with your style routine. You can pop after the leave-in conditioner or after the gel. See what works best for you.

You can also pop during your refresh. Then you can also do it after the leave-in conditioner or after the gel.

How do I pop my hair?

For the GIF below, the credits go to NaturallyCurly! As you can see, this person is already laying the towel on a flat surface. Read our step-by-step plan below: 

curly girl plopping her hair
Popping is, as you can see on the gif, very simple, follow our step-by-step plan! 
  1. Lay a microfiber towel or T-shirt flat on your bed, chair, or on the floor. 
  2. Lean forward so that your curls fall on the towel with the tips. 
  3. Sink straight down so that the curls are formed and you lie with your head on the towel. 
  4. Now take the backs of the towel (whichever is farthest from you) and place it over your head, so that it comes to your neck. 
  5. Grab the remaining sides and tie a knot or use a rubber band to hold them together at your neck. 
  6. Try for yourself how long it works for you to pop. Start with 15 to 20 minutes. Has your hair started to fluff? Then do it a little less next time. 

Which towel do I use for popping?

You can do our microfiber towel turban also use with pops. Then gently place your hair in the towel so that your curl pattern remains intact. 

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