Do you have short curly hair and do you want to know if the CG Method also suits you? Or do you like to cut your hair short and want some inspiration for a short curly haircut? We have collected all the useful tips for you!

Does the CG Method also work with short curly hair?

Yes! You can also safely use the CG Method with (very) short hair. Many curlies style their hair upside down. With short hair you can choose to just style it when you stand straight. You can get a special styling brush to use. 

Also when diffusing short hair it is important not to blow dry upside down for too long, make sure to focus briefly on your scalp and then bring your head back up to blow dry. Then you prevent her from standing up straight. 

What can you use to style short curly hair?

Just like with long hair, there are several options for styling your hair. Many women with curly hair use a gel, mousse, or cream. You can also combine them with each other. In short, use what you feel comfortable with. 

If you're looking for a slightly softer hold, we recommend a mousse or cream. Could your curls use an extra push? Then it is useful to use a gel. 

What is a big chop?

With a big chop, your hair is cut (or shaved) completely short. You often only do this when your hair has become extremely damaged and is (almost) beyond repair. 

Do you have more curls if your hair is shorter?

Yes and no. If your hair is shorter, it often curls more than if your hair is very long. But do you want to keep your height? Then you can also ask the hairdresser if your hair can be cut in layers. For example, you can cut the front strands a bit shorter to get it into a nice shape. 

I have short curly hair, but want it to be long again. How can I do this?

We are often asked whether there are also products that can promote hair growth. They certainly are. However, it is also important to visit the hairdresser regularly. Preferably once every 10 weeks. Have your hairdresser cut the ends off every time. 

Sleeping with short curly hair

How do you protect your curls while sleeping? You may have already seen the 'pineapple', but it is most suitable for long hair. With shorter hair you can use a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet. 

Short curly hair hairstyles for women inspiration

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