The Curly Secret products are very populair this year. You probably see them on social media or curly girl communities. Curly Secret is a fast-growing brand that is still forging ahead in 2022 with new, innovative products that are suitable for all kinds of curls: from waves to curls and coily hair types. Curly Secret was founded in 2019 by Sanae Samhi. And did you know that it is a Dutch brand? we give you a review about this very famous brand! 

More about the brand, vision and mission

We all know it, how do you control your waves, curls or coils? Everyone knows the long search for the right products. You spend hours in front of the mirror trying everything but nothing seems to be the right solution. But Curly Secret wants to put an end to this. 

The mission of Curly Secret is to create products that not only make your hair beautiful but also make you feel better! 

The curly secret team consists of all kinds of curly's who know the struggles well, they know what works and what doesn't. The goal of Curly Secret is simple: they want to make sure you walk out the door with beautiful curls every day. 

The ingredients

Curly Secret knows better than anyone how important the ingredients of a product are. Together with an expert team, they have created the best products. And they are always seeking for new, innovative products. All products are extensively tested in order to arrive at the best products. And did you know there team is also testing their products?

Curly Secret has a pretty extensive range. The core of the range is that all products are suitable for all types of curls, from the looser to the stronger curl patterns. 

In addition, Curly Secret has also managed to set up a wonderful mix of products with and without protein. In other words, there is something for everyone. In any case, you know for sure that you can go to Curly Secret for everything: do you want volume? or do you want to repair your damaged hair? For every problem there is a solution. 

How do you use Curly Secret products?

All products have his or her own way of use. We explain step by step in which order you can use products and which article is most suitable for whom. 

Curly Secret Shampoo

The collection contains no fewer than 3 shampoos. We explain to you what each shampoo is suitable for. 

First of all the Curly Secret Shampoo (Hello Fresh). This shampoo is the most regular and can therefore be used by everyone. It is a mild cleanser that ensures a clean scalp without stripping all naturally produced oils. 

Do you need a deeper cleanser? or do you suffer from build-up for example? Then the Deep Cleansing Shampoo a good option, this shampoo contains a stronger cleanser than the hello fresh. That is why we recommend that you limit its use to a maximum of once a week. 

Do you want a shampoo without plastic packaging? And do you think sustainability is important? Then the Shampoo Bar van Curly Secret try: completely plastic free! 

Curly Secret Shampoos

 Curly Secret conditioner

After you have washed the shampoo out, you can use a conditioner. Curly Secret has 2 types of conditioners, the 'regular' Curly Secret Conditioner (Bye Bye Knots) and the conditioner bar. 

The conditioners are suitable for everyone and connect seamlessly with the shampoos of the brand. 

Curly Secret Conditioners

Curly Secret Hair Mask

Does your hair need more nourishment? Is it damaged or fragile? Then you can feed your hair with the masks of the brand. 

The brand has classified its masks as 1 with protein and 1 without protein. If your hair is sagging, damaged or hold loss, you can repairing hair mask to go. The main ingredients and features: 

  • Restores 
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil 
  • Quinoa and oat protein
  • Makes hair easy to comb 

Do you feel her stiff? or do you have none of the above characteristics? Then you can go for the Quench Mask. The main ingredients and features: 

  • Can also be used as a cream and leave-in! 
  • Regulates the scalp
  • protein free
  • Glans
  • also for dry hair

Curly Secret Masker

Curly Secret Leave-in

We sometimes get questions about the leave-ins, because you can find 3 within the range. 

Reviving leave-in contains protein and ensures the recovery, making your hair stronger. It contains small protein that is well able to penetrate to the hair. 

  • Especially suitable for damaged hair
  • Argan oil
  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Restores
  • Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants

Of Curl Candy Leave-in focuses more on adding moisture to your hair and thereby enhancing the hair's natural shine.

  • Moisture
  • Glans
  • Very concentrated, you only need a little bit
  • No perfume

And finally we have the milk van Curly Secret. This milk is slightly heavier than the previous 2 predecessors. But, you don't have to push it aside right away. It is important to use only a small amount.

Leave-in conditioners van curly secret
Curly Secret Gel 

When we talk about the Curly Secret gel, the Curly Secret Flaxeed gel jumped out. This very popular gel gives a medium to strong hold, has a fine substance and is suitable for all types of curls. Other important features of this gel: 

  • protein free
  • Concentrated
  • Strong teams
  • Nourishing Ingredients

Another gel of the line is the Curly Secret Plopping Curls Styling Gel. This also gives a nice strong hold but is enriched with jojoba oil and argan oil. 

Curly Secret Scrunching Oil 

Last but not least, we give some attention to the very popular Curly Secret oil. In contrast to many types of oil, this oil is very light. With this oil you don't have to worry if you accidentally used a little too much, it is really very light and certainly does not leave a greasy layer. 

Curly Secret olie

Final toughts

We believe that the Curly Secret products are very suitable for all types of curls and especially for type 2/3 as they are relatively light. 

It is important to make a consideration based on the ingredients, because some articles contain PEGs. This is safe to use however, there are curlies that prefer natural ingredients over it. 

Finally, the products are easy to use and you can also mix the gel with other stylers, for example. 

And, did you know that Curly Secret has even more beautiful products? Discover all Curly Secret products here! 

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