De afbeelding toont iemand die aan het finger coilen is.

What is Curl Training?

With curl training you stimulate your curls. It takes some time, but if you do curl training regularly, you will notice that your curl definition improves over time.

When do you do curl training?

Curl Training is done while washing your hair. You start when the mask is in your hair. You can also have a treatment in your hair instead of the mask. Both are perfect for curl training.

How does Curl Training work?

Curl training can include several techniques. The best are: Twisting and Finger coiling .


Is the mask in your hair? Then divide your hair into different sections. It is most convenient to first create 2 sections. Place a finger at your temple and run your finger through the hair, do the same on the other side and bring this section together with a clip.

Now the bottom part of your hair is loose. Now grab a brush and make sure your hair is completely free of knots and tangles. Then take 2 strands from your hair and twist them together. So you always wrap them around each other. Repeat this step until you've completed the entire section, moving on to the next section.

example of twisting hair

You can now keep your hair in these twists. Wait 30 minutes and then rinse the mask from your hair.

Finger Coiling

With finger coiling you perform exactly the same steps. But, with twisting you are 2 strands in 1. With Finger Coiling you twist 1 strand around your own finger.

This is an example of finger coiling

When do you see results from curl training?

It is useful to do curl training regularly and include it as a regular part of your routine. Do you think it's too much work? Then start with curl training of the front locks first.

You now know everything about curl training. Try both variants and test what works best for you.

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