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What is the LOC method?

The LOC method is a method of applying certain styling products to your hair in a certain order. It is a term that is often used within the CG Method .

What does the LOC method stand for and what exactly is it?

The LOC method is an abbreviation of: leave-in, oil and cream. It is a method that prescribes the order in which you can apply styling products to your hair. In this case you start with a leave-in, then with an oil and then a cream. The technique ensures that moisture is well absorbed and also retained (by the oil).

Variant of this styling method

In addition to the LOC method, there is also a variant: the LCO method . This is basically the same technique, but in a different order. You first use the leave-in, then the cream and then the oil.

Who is the LOC method suitable for?

Anyone can use the LOC or LCO method, but there are a few useful tips for each type and type of curls.

Tips for curl types 2 to 3

Sometimes a cream and oil can be too much for this type of hair. It can become too heavy, causing your curls to hang and sag. Of course we don't want that! In this case, replace the cream with, for example, a mousse or gel.

Tips for thicker hair or type 4 curls

Can your hair handle heavier products? Then you can safely use the cream.

Tips based on hair porosity

Do you know your porosity (how damaged it is)? Then you can also use this method to determine which method suits you best. As a rule you can adhere to the following:

  • High porosity (damaged hair ): Use the LOC method. So first the leave-in, then the oil and then the cream.
  • Low porosity: Try the LCO method. You first use the leave-in, then the cream and finally the oil.

What do you need for the LOC method?

As explained above, the LOC method is used, it is useful to have the following items at home:

How does the LOC method work?

Would you like to apply or try this method within your curl routine? Then take the following steps:

  1. Wash your hair as you normally do.
  2. Then apply the leave-in conditioner to damp hair (over the hair lengths). The water no longer has to drip out, if necessary, pat it dry a little with a curled towel .
  3. Brush it well.
  4. Now apply the oil over the hair lengths.
  5. Brush it again to distribute it well.
  6. Now apply the cream over the hair lengths.
  7. Brush it well again.
  8. Scrunch the products well into your hair.
  9. Pat it dry again and blow dry with a diffuser.

If you want to apply the LCO method, also follow the above steps, but then use a cream, mousse or gel during the second step and the oil during the last step.

Products you can use:

1. Leave-in conditioner ( Giovanni Direct Leave in Weightless Moisture Conditioner) : This is a weightless, light moisturizing leave-in conditioner.

2. Oil ( Bonding Oil from Curlsmith ): is a light oil that does not make your hair greasy or heavy.

3. Cream: The Moistful Curl Curl Enhancing Curling Cream has it all and also provides extra hydration to your curls.

Discover a gel or mousse here if you are going to replace it with the cream.

The result?

Perfectly hydrated curls! What do you think of this technique? Or do you have any questions? Reassure them by leaving a comment.

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