The LOC method stands for; liquid, oil, cream. It is a technique that can ensure that your hair absorbs more moisture and becomes less frizzy. 

For whom is the LOC method suitable?

The LOC method is suitable suitable for everyone, but specifically for curly balls that need moisture. This method ensures that moisture remains in your hair and that your dry/fluffy curls are more defined. 

What do you need for the LOC method? 

As explained above, the LOC method stands for: 

- liquid; you can use a leave-in for this
- oil
- cream 

How does the LOC method work?

1. Wash your hair as usual
2. Apply the leave-in conditioner (liquid)
3. Now apply the oil, this ensures that the moisture is 'sealed' in your hair
4. Apply the cream last, this provides the last 'seal' to your hair. 
5. Style it as usual
6. Enjoy Your Beautiful Hydrated Curls 

Products you can use with the LOC method:

1. Liquid (leave-in) 

This one Giovanni Direct Leave in Weightless Moisture Conditioner is a weightless, light moisturizing leave-in conditioner.

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner

2. Oil 

Of Bonding Oil van Curlsmith is a light oil that does not make your hair greasy or heavy. 

Curlsmith Bonding Oil

3. Cream 

This one Moistful Curl Curl Enhancing Curling Crème has it all and also provides extra hydration for your curls.

Moistful Curl Curl Enhancing Curling Crème


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