CG Hairmist

One harm what is it actually? A hair mist looks a bit like a refresh spray. You can use it on wash days, but also as a refresher between wash days. The hair mist often has a nice scent that makes your hair smell completely fresh again! A CG Hair Mist a CG misses her is easy to use. With a few sprays, your curls will be refreshed in no time. You can use it on dry and damp hair. Besides that a hair mist gives your curls a refresh, most hair mists also have other benefits. It helps you to reshape and moisturize your curls. But what is the difference between a refresh spray and hair mist? A hair mist focuses a little more by reactivating your hair products in your hair in a slightly moisturizing way. Which CG Hair Mist is right for me? The hair mist sprays that you will find in this collection are suitable for every curl type and all types of hair textures.