Wholesale hairdresser for buying CG Products

Purchasing CG Products for your salon? Or do you have a store that specializes in the sale of hair products? Then you've come to the right place. And would you like to receive information about the use of products or would you like information about the purchase of certain products?

How do you purchase products from us?

You can receive a standard 5% discount on our range. You will of course receive a VAT invoice from us. You will receive a discount code that you can use in our webshop. You will receive the code after you have emailed the following information to info@curlyools.com :

  • Name and surname
  • Salon name
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • Address data

Buy in bulk?

Then you can email the order to info@curlyools.com so that we can prepare a quote.

Promotion of your curly hairdressing salon

We have a Facebook page with more than 50,000 people with wavy and curly hair. Would you like to advertise your salon? Please also contact us.

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