Curlsmith Lightweight leave-in conditioner shine cream (Mini 59ML)


From Curlsmith Lightweight leave-in conditioner shine cream is the most versatile perfumery (!) leave in conditioner. Its lightweight silky texture makes it suitable for the finest hair, but it is also enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as Castor Oil, Babassu, Jojoba and Murumuru Butter that provide ample nourishment for coarser hair types. This curling cream is designed to absorb into the hair without leaving any residue, making it the perfect base for your styling products. 

The name of this product may be confusing: This product is a leave-in conditioner! This leave-in conditioner for curls is perfume-free and also dermatologically tested. 

  • For all curl types and textures
  • Particularly suitable for anyone with a sensitive scalp 
  • protein free
  • 59ML

  • About the smell 

    The absence of perfume or essential oils means it really doesn't smell like anything.

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