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Garnier was founded in France in 1904, named after founder Alfred Amour Garnier. They have gone from one hair lotion in 1904 to a super expansive collection in the present day. 

Garnier Frutics 

In 1998 they introduced Garnier Fructics. This has been developed in hair products packed with incredibly strong ingredients derived from fruit. The Garnier Fructics consists of many different types of lines, but we have only selected the Hair Food line for you here. This is because not all Garnier Fructics products are CG. We have only put together the CG proof products for you in our range. We are super fans of this Garnier Fructics hair Food line, it gives your curls exactly the care they need. 

Garnier Frutics hair products at CurlyTools 

In our webshop you will find three different types of hair food masks from Garnier Frutics. We have the masks in the delicious scents; banana, Aloe Vera and papaya. In any case, we absolutely love it! 

Here are some key features about Garnier Frutics Hair Food: Vegan, 97-98% natural ingredients, dermatologically tested, does not aggravate, free of silicones, parabens and artificial colors. 

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