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the curly book is a must have for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the curly girl method. In this book you will be taken into the theory about taking care of curly hair according to the cg method. In this book you will find many cg method steps that you can follow. This is super useful for anyone who wants to learn about the CG method or for anyone who already follows the CG method, but would like to know all the ins and outs about curls. Do you want to learn how to care for your curls in the best way? And would you like to read everything from A to Z in peace? Then is The Curl Book really something for you!

The Curl Book

The Curl Book really contains all the information about curls, but really everything! You are taken step by step into the world of curls. Thanks to the handy and logical sequence, you will learn step by step all the tricks of the very best care for your curls. In the first part of the book you are taken into the CG Method world. What is it? And how does it work? Then you can find out what your hair characteristics are by means of a number of hair tests. 

The curly book tells you, among other things, which curly girl products are suitable for you and where you can buy these cg products. It discusses which cg shampoo is suitable for you, and what it actually does. In addition, more is also told about other curl products and they discuss the ingredients of cg products.

Is The Curly Book only for if you want to start with the CG Method?

New! Because did you know that if you have been following the CG Method for some time, there are also a lot of useful tips to read in it? You never stop learning about your curls and how nice is it when you know everything about certain oils and ingredients? In addition, the book also gives many tips on common topics: such as swimming with curls, sagging curls and information about children with curls. So, do you have your 'hands in your hair?' Then this book is highly recommended. In addition, it is also a very nice gift idea for your curly family member, friend or colleague! 

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