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From KeraCare curl products are specially formulated to stimulate and care for the natural curls. The line contains CG products, which means that you can use all products that you find in this collection within the curly hair method. KeraCare uses gentle cleansers to cleanse your curls and scalp and ingredients that moisturize the hair. The founder Dr. Ali N. Syed is a master chemist with a wealth of experience formulating high quality cg products for curly hair. She developed products especially for curls and so Kera Care was born. All curling products are designed to moisturize the hair and soften the scalp.  


The extensive curls product range of KeraCare ensures that there is something for everyone if you follow the cg method. Whether you have wavy hair, curls or coily hair type. The Moisturizing Oil Cocktail is really something for you if you want some extra hydration, this CG Oil cocktail consists of the best nourishing oils in 1 hair product. It gives a silky effect and a beautiful shine. With this you can, for example, scrunch the cast of the gel from your hair. 

KeraCare CG Products

Kera Care has a wide range of CG products. There is a leave in curl conditioner, a curly hair shampoo, gel for curls and hair mask for curls. The gel for curls contains Jamaican Black Castor oil and coconut oil. This unique combination that comes back in every hair product ensures that your curls retain a lot of moisture and become super hydrated, leaving your curls soft and manageable. A real enrichment to your curly hair if you follow the girly curl method!

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