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Scrunch It started developing products for curly hair in 2018. They focus on hair care for curls but also have the most useful tools such as a special styling brush for curly hair. 

Scrunch It

The founder of Scrunch It herself also has curly hair, and always had the idea that her hair was out of control. She often straightened it, colored it and often put in a ponytail. One day, she came to a special curling hairdresser. This hairdresser told her that she knew she had curls and that you can learn to handle your curls properly. After 32 years she changed her mindset, the hairdresser gave her a clear explanation about how you can best take care of your hair. She styled her hair, and it was beautiful! A mega beautiful curls, without fluff. After being completely immersed in the world of curls, she searched for a plopping towel. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the right one and thought: I'll have one myself! The collection has now expanded considerably since 2018, so in addition to curly hair tools, you can now also find hair care items for the care of curly hair. 

Scrunch it CG Products

Since 2020 you can buy the products of Scrunch It find. At the moment we have the bestseller of the brand in our Assortment. The Scrunch It Brush! With this brush you can achieve more curl definition, by creating perfect clumps while styling. 

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