The Denman Brush D3 of D4

The Denman D3 and D4 brushes are very popular among curly girls who follow the Curly Girl (CG) Method . Do you want to purchase one? Then make sure you choose the right variant. Do you have any doubts about this? Then read on. We will explain to you which brush suits you best so that you get the very best results for your curls!

    What is a Denman Brush?

    A Denman Brush is a brand that makes brushes and combs for all types of hair. Denman has designed many different brushes and has been the No. 1 in the world in brush design for many years. Many curl hairdressers also use these brushes.

    In this article we discuss the most well-known variants for curls: the Denman D3 and D4 . We will also tell you about a lesser-known variant, the Denman Paddle Brush D83 .

    What types of brushes are there?

    You can divide the Denman brushes for curly hair into two categories: styling brushes and brushes to detangle and untangle your hair. The Denman D3 and D4 fall into the first category: styling brushes. The Denman D83 is suitable for detangling and detangling your hair.

    What is the difference between a styling brush and a 'normal' brush?

    Now you might be thinking: they both have nylon pins, so why don't they work the same way? This is because the pins of D3 and D4 are closer together and slope upwards. The D83 has straight pins with a small ball on the end, which makes it easier to go through your hair. These small details make the brush suitable for different purposes.

    Denman d3 and d4 lying down

    How do the Denman Brush D3 and D4 work?

    The D3 and D4 are suitable for styling your hair and give your curls more definition. In addition, they provide extra volume. The nylon pins are close together, which gives your curls a nicer shape. You can also use the brush to better distribute gel, leave-in conditioner or cream through your hair. With this brush you can be sure that all hair lengths are well covered!

    Choose Denman D3 and D4?

    And now the choice: do you choose the D3 or D4? In principle they have the same effect. You can't make a wrong purchase, but there is still one difference between the two brushes. The D4 is one turn larger than the D4. This makes the D4 suitable for longer hair, or for curlies who have medium to thicker hair.

    The Denman D3 Brush
    Front view denman d3
    This is the Denman brush D3 with 7 rows in the well-known design of red and black. The Denman is most suitable for:
    • Fine to medium thick hair
    • A short to medium hair length
    • Provides more curl definition
    • All types of curly hair
      The Denman D4 Brush
      front view Denman d4

      This is the Denman D4 with 9 rows. The Denman D4 is suitable for:

      • Medium to thick hair
      • A hair length from medium to long
      • Provides more curl definition
      • All types of curly hair

        How do you use the Denman D3 and D4?

        There are many ways to use the Denman Brushes . In the video below we show you how to use the brush. Be inspired and discover what works best for you!

        Tips for use:

        • Always comb sideways, horizontally from your scalp, for extra volume and definition.
        • For a defined look, grab a strand of hair and slide the brush down, rotating.

        Choose the way that works best for you and enjoy beautiful curls!

        Additional tips for using a Denman Brush

        1. Only brush when there is product in your hair! Preferably a leave-in conditioner or cream.
        2. Do not use it to comb your hair! Read more about this after these tips.
        3. Do you like thinner curl definition or, in other words, thinner clumps? Then brush your hair sideways away from your head.
        4. Do you like a slightly thicker curl definition? Then brush downwards and twist the brush upwards at the end.
        5. Don't care what kind of clumps you get? Then you can also divide your hair into sections to style your hair properly.
        6. Did you just run the brush through a strand of hair? Then scrunch your hair after using the brush for extra definition.
        7. After using the Denman Brush, use a microfiber towel to pat your hair dry and maintain its definition.

        What is the Denman Paddle Brush?

        The P addle Brush from Denman is there to detangle your curls. If you are in the shower, put in a little conditioner and comb your hair. Did you know that brushing is highly recommended? It prevents frizzy hair.

        The Denman D83

        The Denman D83 is most suitable for:

        • Detangling and detangling your hair
        • For all curl types
        • Extra suitable for medium to thick hair

          Where can I buy a Denman Brush?

          Now you know exactly which Denman to go for! Are you ready for more curl definition or do you want a good brush to detangle your hair? Then view the entire Denman collection .