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Taking care of curls: This is how you do it! (10 useful tips)

Caring for curls is often difficult for many people. Have you tried everything and are still puzzling? Then you are not alone. Because many people with curly hair find it difficult to find the right hair care. But did you know that caring for curls doesn't have to be rocket science?

Caring for curly hair: this works!

Use a good shampoo without sulphates

Just turn your shampoo around. There is a good chance that you will see the words SLS. Do you regularly wash your hair with this? Then we recommend that you replace it with a mild or extremely mild shampoo. Because this is an extreme cleaner. Just check your cleaning supplies or soap. There is a good chance that you will also see this ingredient here. Stripping your hair every time removes the good oils from your skin. Your hair can become greasy more quickly and you can suffer from dandruff. Sounds crazy? Your scalp will produce extra sebum and skin oil because it is constantly being removed.

Always use a conditioner after washing

Promise us you will do this! Because a conditioner really has many more benefits than you think for our curly hair. It puts a protective layer around your curls. Do you have brittle hair or dry hair? Then it may be time for a good conditioner!

Use a styling product such as a gel

A gel is perfect for preventing frizzy hair and ensures that your hair stays in shape. We think it is a must-have as a curly. Are you afraid that the gel will stick or that your curls will become hard? Don't worry, there are different types of gels available in different hold levels. And, you can squeeze the hard layer out of your hair after drying with an oil. The result? Bouncy and shiny curls!

Use a nourishing hair mask every week

Use a nourishing hair mask every now and then. Conditioning = key for curls. Some do it weekly, others once every 3 weeks. Find out what works best for you. A hair mask has extra nourishing ingredients. And therefore provides just a little more than a conditioner. Do you think a mask is too heavy for your hair? Then apply it to slightly damp (unwashed) hair. Then use a shampoo and conditioner. This is also called a 'dirty deep co'.

Use water when styling your curls

Have you applied your styling products to your curls? Then make sure you squeeze (or also scrunch) the products into your hair. Make sure you really hear a squeeze sound. This way you squeeze your hair into shape and ensure that the products are properly absorbed by your hair. With handy sprays you can add extra water to your hair in an easy way.

Dry your curls with a diffuser

With a diffuser you can dry your hair safely. By placing this attachment on your hair dryer, the heat will be distributed more evenly. And did you know that the pins ensure that your hair stays in good shape? Your curls will stay on this.

Brush your hair while washing

Brushing. Maybe someone has advised you against brushing your curls. If you dry brush your curls, we agree. But do you have a (deep) conditioner in your hair? Then we even recommend brushing your hair. This makes your curl pattern stand out even better. Because who knows how to create curls in knotted hair?

Use a styling brush

In addition to 'normal' brushes, there are also special brushes that allow you to add extra definition to your hair. This brush is really different from a normal brush. All curls can benefit from this brush.

Use a curly towel

Do you still use a cotton towel and rub it over your hair? You can keep them, but get a special towel for your hair.

Trial and error

We think the latter is one of the most important things. Are you going to care for your curls using the special method? In the initial period it is very important that you mainly learn. So, trial and error. Because how does your hair react to certain products? Does the amount also affect your hair? And might it be useful to add or remove certain care products from your routine? It is useful to monitor this closely for the first 3 months. Your hair also needs time to get used to new products and a different way of washing and styling , for example.


Curly hair

Curly hair comes in different shapes and sizes. You probably know people around you with curls, and you have probably noticed that no two curls are the same.

What actually falls under the heading of 'curly hair'? In our opinion, the definition of curly hair is quite broad. Curly hair can range from loose curls to tight, spiral curls, with many variations in between.

Curling hair

We often get questions about whether you can also curl your hair. Commonly used tools for this are curling irons, heat-free tools or perming. However, curling irons and permanent treatments can often cause serious damage to your hair. They can completely change and disrupt the structure of your hair, which is why we do not recommend these methods.

At CurlyTools we focus on the complete care of curly hair. This means that you use special care products to get the most out of your natural curls.

Do you have a light blow to damp hair, or does one of your family members have curly hair, or did you previously have curly hair? Then there may be more potential in your hair. By using the right care products you can get started with your hair without damaging it.

More information about caring for curly hair

When I cared for my own curls, I often used standard care products such as shampoo, gel, and sometimes wax or mousse to keep my curls in shape.

Care ingredients

As my interest in curl care grew, I started to review all my products. What did I actually put in my hair? And why did my curls fall out, did I suffer from dandruff, and did my curls sometimes disappear?

The first mistake I made was using care products that were very aggressive, such as daily use of products with sulphates and styling products with drying alcohol .

Tools for curls

In addition to care products , the tools you use for curls are also very important.

Handles for the care of curls

First of all, it is crucial to understand that the process of obtaining healthy and beautiful curly hair is a long process. With the right care, patience and motivation you can go a long way.

The first steps

It is important to read carefully about the special methods for caring for curls . Within these methods you will learn which care products to use, in what order, and how to apply them within your care routine.

Care method for curly hair

This can be overwhelming. You may think you need all these products for your hair. Don't be alarmed, because you certainly don't have to use them all at the same time. It is especially important that you care for your curls in a way that you like.

How often do you wash your hair?

How often you wash your hair depends on your own needs and the products you use. If you use care products with strong cleansers, it is wise not to wash your hair daily. It is important to know which products you use and to adhere to a washing schedule . It is essential that you always use a conditioner after washing your hair.

What now?

If you want to start with the right and best care for curls, take a closer look at your current hair products. Do these fit within the special method for curls?

It's good to experiment as much as possible. Nothing is wrong! It can be useful to occasionally record your findings from a wash day in your notes. This way you can build up your routine evenly for your curls.

And finally: do your curls resemble those of a friend? Then remember that her curls are not the same as yours. Each curl is unique and has its own properties. What works for one person does not always necessarily work for another. Always try to adapt your hair care to the needs of you and your curls.

Now read on on this page to take the next step in caring for your curls.

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